Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Feeling Good

Some days are just good days because of a series of events. Today was such a day.

I got to school a little early to set up the room for the TAKS test I would be giving to 5 students. I was greeted with a big hug from one of the first grade students. Now I know Atatee gives big hugs to any teacher he meets in the hall, but it was nice to be greeted like that on my official last day at work.

Then during opening assembly when Mrs. S called for anyone having a birthday today to come forward no one did, but she wasn't satisfied with that, oh no, she called me to come forward because my birthday isn't until next week and I wouldn't be there so she felt it necessary to have the assembled school body there to sing to me. It was wonderful and I loved her remark, which also made me feel good. She challenged them to sing Happy Birthday and out happy me.You can imagine the clapping and shouting of the song as they sang our schools version. We don't sing the traditional song --- happy happy birthday, happy happy birthday, happy happy birthday, happy happy birthday, happy happy birthday, happy happy bithday, happy happy birthday to you you you you YOU WHEEEEE!

I had lunch with my five students (required to keep them from talking about the test --- like they would) and while we were eating a couple of the girls commented that this test seemed easier than the first one. I had to change the subject right quick --- but felt good inside because if it seemed easier then they must have gotten something from the 5 days of intense tutoring I had done with them. Yeah.

After lunch I was given a bithday surprise. Seems a friend had brought birthday cup-cakes for me (and my little group) to enjoy at our afternoon break. I think it was the thing that kept them working hard and hopefully doing well. And the number 59 written in candles which went unlit
made everyone smile.

Oh, the best part of the day was walking out know that I don't have to walk back in until next fall about six weeks after everyone else. What could be better?????

Such was my good day. Simple things that make you feel good.

Something else that makes me feel good. Sharing ice cream with Abby and now Abby and Ben. This was taken on a trip to Corpus Christie with Abby's family in 2005

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Round and Round She Goes . . .

A merry-go-round spinning out of control. That's what the past two weeks have been like for me. And the ride isn't quite over yet, but it is slowing down and becoming more pleasant again.

This wild ride began wonderfully with the Women's Retreat, but was followed by a whirl wind of events. I was knocked down with a terrible sinus infection brought on by allergies from all those beautiful oak tree giving off pollen, then the final push to get students ready for the TAKS test and the call saying Preston had been airlifted to Amarillo and all that followed that next week. Robert in Amarillo, me here giving test each day (at least I had lots of time for praying since I couldn't do anything else while I watched students take their test) and the trip to Amarillo to see Preston on the mend. When I got home there was the news that a friend's son had be killed in Iraq. His funeral is to be this Friday with the church choir singing a special at the request of the mother (a faithful member of our choir). Working half days with the five students who didn't pass the math test first time round and round and round I go. And finally, after having to postpone getting the roots touched up and my hair reshaped for two weeks, my hair is once more looking decent since a trip to the salon today.

I think the merry-go-round may be slowing down, but I doubt if it stops. I look forward to flying to Amarillo to go to the Britton family reunion with Mother and Daddy then having Jerry and Jo Ann bring me home and stay for a visit. Thhe trip to Albuquerque to see what all Carrie has done at her home the end of May should be fun. She has lots of new things I need to see. Then a short three weeks until we take the trip to England, Ireland, Scotland. The fun things merry-go-round sounds so much better even if it spins a quickly. I think I'll smile.

Just a fun picture taken in May 2003. That is me with Lady, my stray dog who became a great companion the short time we had her. I still miss that dog.