Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring -- A Time for a Fresh Look

Some things just make you feel better --- sunny, warm days, flowers blooming, birds singing and a hair cut. I couldn't stand my hair a day more. It is now back to a length I really like. I just thought I wanted long hair that could be pulled back in a pony tail or twisted up with a clip. No I like my hair better styled like Kelly Picklers. When I saw her on American Idol a couple of weeks ago I knew that I really wanted my shorter hair back.
When I told Donna I was looking for pictures of Kelly Pickler on the internet she could believe that is what I wanted it like Miss Pickler, but if you scroll down I think you will agree it looks much better. I found the pictures I wanted --- printed them and took them with me to Nick's today. (I already had the appointment.) I made him promise not to laugh at who the pictures were of, but to just cut my hair like that. He got pretty close.

These are the before (left) now and back view (middle and right) of my *new* do. The before picture is the one I used for my Casting Call adventure. It looks like I could have used a make-up touch up in the now picture, but this is how I look at the end of a day of teaching. The *before* picture was taken first thing in the morning by a fellow teacher. Robert took the *now* pics.
The new construction next door is finished. The single man who bought it should be moving either this weekend or next. I'm really curious about what he is going to do in the main living area (which is much like this house in that it is an open floor plan). He had the walls painted the same mustard yellow that my bedroom is. He said his brother is going to help him put a glaze on it. If his turns out well, I may do the same to my bedroom, but that will be later this summer after I have painted the two guest rooms.
The house across the street on the corner is still about a month away from completion so the workmen will be around for a while longer. For the most part I'm never aware they are around but some days they play the music loud enough that I can hear it in the house. Ahy ya ya ya --
Or Love Song After one semester of Spanish.
Yesterday when I was home feeling a little under the weather and a whole lot like I just didn't want to go to work. The workmen were here at the house doing some things that should have been done six months ago. The windows frames were all caulked around and on each side of the house where there was a seam in the bricks that hadn't been mortared well, mortar was applied. I didn't even know those things needed done.

The one thing I want done though hasn't happened yet. I plan to stay with them until it is though. A piece of trim was left off our fireplace mantle and although it isn't noticable to someone who doesn't know it should be there, I know it should be there and I want it put on. The cabinet maker has been over twice to measure the length of the piece and I've actually seen the piece stained and finished --- it is just that no one has been over to put it on. If I happen to see it again I think I'll just bring it here and nail it up myself.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

No Easter Baskets Were Needed Here Today

This has been a quiet day that started early. The Celebration Choir, of which I'm now a member, sang in both services this morning so I had to be at the church at 7:45 am. Not really sunrise, but early for singing Es, Fs, Gs and even a couple of As. When I crawled out of bed Robert roused enough to tell me I should do some "me, me, me, mes" to warm my voice up before going this morning. Now were did he learn such a thing? I'm not sure, but instead of trying to be quiet like I ususally do, I did as he said just getting my voice to work before heading out to church. I think it really helped, well as much as it could. I don't have a great voice, but it does well enough in a choir. We sang two wonderful pieces. One for the call to worship and the other as the special just before the sermon. Both services were well attended with the 10:50 service being nearly a full church. The only downer of the entire morning was that our pastor was unable to attend today. He is home very sick. And I say very sick because he has already been to the doctor once and is going back tomorrow. I think that this is the first time in his many years preaching that he hasn't lead the service on Easter Sunday. It was still a great service though.

After church I was turning my phone back to regular ring and discovered I had a text message. I thought it strange to get a text message from AT&T on Sunday, as they are the only ones I've ever gotten a text from. When I went there thinking to just delete it I got the best surprise ever --- a picture of Abby and Benjamin in their Easter finery. Amy had taken the picture of them this morning and sent it to me. It really made me smile. I would share it with all of you, but I don't know how to send it to my computer.

I got to share the pictures with our friends at lunch. We ate at the new Chinese restaurant in town. I'm not sure how traditional Chinese food is for Easter, but the food and company were good. It made me think of *The Christmas Story* where that family ate their Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant. We weren't serenaded by the wait staff though.

The rest of our day has been reading, TV, and visiting with the young couple who live down the street. Quiet times on Hedge Rose Lane. A far cry from when the girls were little and we got together with my family for Easter egg hunts and big family meals. :sigh:

This is Abigail in her Easter bonnet at Gran's house Easter 2004. What a cutie!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Phone Didn't Ring

I didn't think I would be disappointed, I didn't expect to get a call, but I do feel disappointed. My friend from church that went to the casting call also and whom I've enjoyed teasing about her being in the upcoming movie came over to me at Sunday School this morning and ask if I had gotten my call --- I couldn't think for a moment what she was talking about --- then it dawned. No I hadn't gotten a call from the casting company, but she had as had a gentleman also in the church. I'm really tickled for them and a little disappointed that I didn't get a call.

Penny said she still had the number in her cell phone and she would give it to me to call, but I didn't take her up on it. I'm sure this is one of those *Don't call us. We'll call you.* things. So much for my acting career.

But if another casting company comes to town, I think I'll go again. Just because I can.

I took this picture out back of Tom and Beverely's home in Tucson in 2002. They are coming to visit us the first weekend of April. I'm looking forward to having them come.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Next on the Agenda

Sometimes I feel like I spend my time looking to the future. I enjoy each event as it happens, but there always seems to be something coming that I need to be getting ready for. When March started yesterday the calendar was fairly empty, but now it is nearly full. Granted, many things should be fun but there is little time to reflect on what I'm going to be doing. Some of the stuff I have on the calendar are work related some are play related.

Tuesday we give the dreaded TAKS test in 4th grade writing and 3rd and 5th grade reading. The other tests will come later in the spring. TEA in all their wisdom originally had the test scheduled for this date, but changed it about a month ago to Wednesday because many schools are polling places and they thought it best if the test date was changed. Big problem for students in Matagorda County. Our annual fair and rodeo starts on Wednesday and many of our students have animals they show at the fair, and we have our only long break scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Our curriculum director got in touch with TEA and after much discussion we got a waiver to give the test as originally scheduled. That is the first thing for March. Work related.

Tuesday evening I'm flying to Amarillo to spend some much needed time with my youngest daughter and grandchildren. I'm in serious need of hearing, "Grammar, Grammar." and the hugs and play that come with each request. It will be a whirlwind trip as all my trips to the panhandle are, but I'm really looking forward to it.

As soon as my plane lands on Sunday though the next event on my calendar happens. Robert and I agreed to be a host home for a choir from India that is going to be touring in the United States for about 9 months. No, we won't have them for 9 months, just two nights. We are to meet the children and the sponsor who will be staying with us at 3:30. I do have to feed them a meal on Monday night. Not sure what it will be, but we were asked not to feed them junk food --- so much for ordering a pizza. :) Oh, they also eat breakfast each morning --- that is a big deal in my home, but I'm sure it will all work out.

There is handbell practice each Tuesday eveing for an hour and choir practice each Wednesday evening. We will be giving a practice TAKS test for the 4th and 5th grades in Math and then beginning their blocking. A time period set aside each day to concentrate on the skills the students are weak in.

The 14th is Ladies Movie Night at the church, hosted by the Women's Ministry Outreach of which I'm a part of the stirring committee so I feel like I really need to be there. And besides it should be a good movie.

On the 15th Robert and I planning a little outing together since we haven't done anything together is a while. These plans aren't real definite yet, but we are keeping the date open for US!

Easter Sunday I have to be at church for both services because the Celebration Choir is preforming in both the early service and the regular service. And boy is that tough to do when the pieces are both very high! Hopefully this sinus thing I have going on will be gone by then.

Then on the 24-26 Robert will be gone to Austin which means I'll have evening to myself. I always enjoy those nights alone. Gives me a chance to stay up late and not feel guilty. Then that last weekend of March Tom and Beverly are coming down for a few days. Which brings us to April. Whew ----

Isn't that a face you would just love to kiss? Amy said that this is what Ben does any time you ask him to smile for the camera now. Oh, he love to eat brownies! Definately my grandson.