Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good Bye to Three Icons

I'm sitting here watching a tribute to Michael Jackson. I was a casual fan. I've watched him grow into the super-star that he was. He gave us much over the past 40 years. He changed music and dance (and his appearance). He will never be forgotten.

Farah Fawcett -- Charlies Angles -- wings -- The Burning Bed -- Lee Majors -- huge smile --those are the things that come to mind when I hear her name. Again an actress who seemed to have it all. I know she will be missed by those who were close to her.

Ed Mcmahon, you never knocked on my door with a million dollars, but that's okay. I enjoyed watching him with Johnny Carson. He was the perfect straight man. Then hosting Star Search. He was the perfect host for that show.

It is hard to believe we lost thee icons in one week.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just So You Know

And so ---

The letter to hubby may have been a little harsh, but that was me being me. I can't be all sunny and happy all the time. My blog is to share me --- the good, the bad and the ugly. I guess that letter was the bad and the ugly.

Robert and I have talked. I was gentle with him and come to find out he was embarrassed by his appearance also. He said he was in a hurry and just didn't think about it until he was asked to make the presentation.

He has learned from his *mistake* and we are moving forward. Does he do everything my way? No, and that is probably a good thing.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Letter to My Husband

Dear Husband,

Here we are jobless, verbally you say you are wanting to get hired. So you've taken your resume in, you've talked to the right people, and now you wait. But what do you do while you wait. Well, it is different from what I would be doing that is for sure.

Oh, I don't mean I would actively do anything different from what you are doing, but I would be dressed so differently. See everywhere you go there is a potenial boss. Some one who might see you and think -- "Hey, you know that Robert might be just the guy we are needing, but why is he dressed like a bum?"

The shorts and Hawaiian print shirt with your beach sandles just doesn't scream hire me or professional anything.

Sure we were running late to the Chamber Mixer yesterday evening because you had forgotten about it, but for heaven's sake it was at the very bank you are hoping will hire you and there you are looking more like you are on your way to the beach rather than to a function of professional people. It would only have taken a minute to change -- slacks with a shirt tucked neatly in and closed toed shoes! Is that asking too much? And to boot your picture will probably be in the paper because who presents the Certificate of Appreciation to the bank's manager --- yep, mister, "I don't give a sh_t about how I look. Take me or leave me."

Every time you step out of this house you are going to an interview. Yes, dressing for success is important --- it might just make a difference. Right now I'm thinking you don't really want to get that job.

You really need to think more about the book cover. It is what people read first.

Your loving, but exasperated wife

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And the Beat Goes On

I've had several people ask about how we are doing since that fateful day in May when we found out that there was no joy in Mudville.

I have a puppy, a man and no pressing issues on my hands. We get up each morning and walk, we sit on the patio, we visit and we play with our puppy and we wile away the day.

We decided that this is just going to be an at home vacation for now. A preview of what real retirement might be. (I say real retirement because Robert was able to start drawing his company retirement.) So that is how we are treating each day. We have gone to the beach a couple of times to work on tans before the cruise in July. We have gone out with friends for meals and been to committee meetings. But mostly we are just taking life as it comes, doing the things that need to be done, and the things we want to do.

We are waiting to hear if the job with the bank will come through. If it doesn't then we know we will have to make a lot of decisions that neither one of us wants to make right now. We have time, and I think we are going to take advantage of the time we have before any of those things have to thought about.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Haiku Friday --- Facebook Frustration

For my Facebook friends
I want to upload pictures
Something isn't right

Done this many times
To be exact, eleven
Never a problem

Today no such luck
My knowledge too limited
Words with no meaning

Active X Control
Or try Simple Uploader
Neither one will work!

All ideas tried
Need someone smarter than me.
Reboot try again.

Frustration is high!
Facebook not my friend right now

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday -- Trip to the Beach

First trip to the Matagorda Beach beach for Heidi.