Friday, June 5, 2009

Haiku Friday --- Facebook Frustration

For my Facebook friends
I want to upload pictures
Something isn't right

Done this many times
To be exact, eleven
Never a problem

Today no such luck
My knowledge too limited
Words with no meaning

Active X Control
Or try Simple Uploader
Neither one will work!

All ideas tried
Need someone smarter than me.
Reboot try again.

Frustration is high!
Facebook not my friend right now


Ladykli said...

Computers - can live with 'em - can't live without 'em.

Take a deep breath and try again later.

Ida said...

Probably a glich with facebook, not you.

Momisodes said...

Their photo album has been wonky for me too recently. I've found that uploading smaller pics helped. Not sure if it would in your situation.

LceeL said...

Hope you got that fixed, my Dear.