Thursday, March 25, 2010

100 Word Challenge -- Ferocity

The 100 Word Challenge is exactly a that --- a challenge to write 100 words centered around a one word prompt plucked from the work of an author being read by or having been read by our host. This week's word is ferocity.

Nature’s Fury

Dark clouds gathered in the distance. A slight breeze stirred the air and a soft rumble of thunder signaled the storm’s pending arrival. A shadow fell over the area as the sun was hidden by the black clouds. Wind whipped through the yard sending loose items flying. Deafening claps of thunder sounded in unison with electrifying flashes of lightening. The few drops of spattered rain turned to a torrential downpour creating a river where the street had been. Hail began pounding the roof threatening to break through skylights . Then silence. Nature’s ferocity passed; replaced by the gentle sounds of spring.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

100 Word Challenge -- Unspoken

The 100 Word Challenge has long been one of my favorite memes. It has passed into new hands temporarily and can be found here. The theme word this week is "unspoken". Upon reading the prompt this story came to mind.

He sits with the remote in his hand flipping through channels. She sits across the room consumed by the computer on her lap. Each comfortable with the silence between them.

He looks over at his bride of many years and a boyish grin fills his face as he says, “Guess what?” This is an old game they have played for years and she can’t keep the twinkle from her eyes.

She smiles back knowing what she is to say and what his answer will be, but she never grows tired of this game. “What?”

“I love you.”

Some words should never be left unspoken.