Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #5

My Thursday Thirteen this week is just headshots of me. Most of them are cropped from other pictures, but they represent ME from about 2002 until the present. They aren't in order and I was going to put dates by them, but have decided that it might be more fun for you to try and figure out which ones are which. Enjoy my Thirteen Different Looks of the same Lady.




5. 10.

11. 12.

13. Ok, so now you can say you have seen me from head to toe. :)

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm a Guardian

I got the following test from a sister's blog. There were no surprises for me when I got the results of the test. See how you do. Are you in the right profession or following the correct career path?
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Emotional Stability56%

You are a Guardian, possible professions include - counseling, ministry, library work, nursing , secretarial, curators, bookkeepers, dental hygienists, computer operator, personnel administrator, paralegal, real estate agent, artist, interior decorator, retail owner, musician, elementary school teacher, physical therapist, nurse, social worker, personnel counselor, alcohol/drug counselor.
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Long Rambling on What Makes a Good Day

Some days are good days and this is one. I've been trying to decide what has made it better than other days and I can't say I know for sure, but I have an idea. It sounds sort of junior highish to say but still I think it is what has made the difference between a good day and just another day.
If you curiosity is peeked then you can continue to read and I'll try to explain why I think this is as good day.
I think we all like to feel *liked*. We want others to value us for whatever reason; be it that we are wise, witty, calming, charming -- you get the picture. It starts at an early age --- we want friends that ask us to play, we want to be invited over to their house or for them to come over to our house -- to be joined with them. Later we have best friends, someone to share all our secrets with and hopefully someone who won't judge us by those secrets. For many that best friend stays with them forever. That BFF thing we hear so much about. Sadly what you think will be a BFF doesn't turn out that way for whatever reason -- I know I've lost what was to be my BFF from high school and I have no idea why. And yes, I've tried to contact her more than once. That is all another post
I did digress -- another thing I've discovered is that we want to be part of *the group*. My husband doesn't understand this. But then again he has always been a part of *the group*. He just has that natural ability or name or something that puts him there. I, on the other hand, have always felt like I was just on the edge of *the group*. Never really a part of it. I was welcome when I was there, but not made to feel like I really belonged. True this might have been more my problem than anyone else's problem but it is how I felt.
Now back to why this has been a good day. This morning Robert asked me what was on my agenda and I had nothing planned. Sitting at the computer in my pj's playing games was about all I could see me doing. Then about 8:00 the phone rang and it was Carolyn. She first apologized for calling so early (Is 8:00 really so early?) Then asked me to join her and Sheila because they had forgot to tell me what time to be at the church this morning to help buy food for the conference. We went together to HEB and bought food items for the breakfast (and laughed and giggled like we were in junior high and even argued about a couple of things like kids do). When I'm with them I feel like I belong. I'm not on the edge, I'm in the middle and being in the middle makes me have a good day. We were finished with our errands by 11:30 and I was back at the house. Its a good day though when you get to *play* with your friends.
Please don't think of me as some sort of insecure boob. I know part of this sounded like I'm insecure and lonely or self-centered, but in reality I bet I'm a lot like everyone else.

Monday, July 28, 2008

To Go or To Stay -- That Is the Question

I'm now faced with a dilemma.

Our church is hosting a Beth Moore simulcast this weekend; one I'd really like to be a part of BUT the Bain Family Reunion is also this weekend. There was not dilemma until we had to make the trip to the panhandle for Helen's funeral. ("May she rest in peace.") At that time I had opportunity to visit with much of the family that I usually visit with at the reunion except for one cousin whose ear Robert will gladly bend in my absence.

I made a quip last night at church about wanting to stay in town and Robert replied that it was fine with him if I stayed and even called this morning after he got to work to say again that he would not mind if I stayed here. He said he would drive to Donna's on Thrusday then on to Amarillo on Friday and when coming home would leave on Sunday afternoon for Donna's again and then home on Monday. If he really will break that 11 hour drive up that way I think I will stay home ---

You can tell I've about made my mind up, but a part of my heart is tugging at me to go with him -- or does he want this time to be alone with his dad and not have to worry about me --

This is the cousin I would miss seeing if I stay home. We always enjoy our visits. This picture was taken at the reunion in 2004.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding Day

Yesterday was the *big* day for Mary and Peter, two of our friends who were getting married. I ended up more involved in this wedding than I thought I would be when first told some three months ago that it was going to take place. The bride is from Eritrea, a small country in Africa on the Red Sea. She and Peter met several years ago when he was managing a shrimp farm there. They have stayed in touch through the years and .... well that is their story and I really don't know all the particulars, but she came to America three months ago on a fiancee visa. This is were I became involved. Peter didn't start planning the wedding until about two weeks ago and neither he nor Mary knew what to do.

Mary had bought a dress but it needed to be altered. They hadn't planned anything else. Peter called me to see if I knew who might be able to do the alterations and then began asking several other questions. Mary wanted to be married in a church, did Robert or I know a pastor that would marry them, would a reception at the Chinese restaurant be okay, did he have to buy flowers etc.? As I began to work with them I suddenly was in the role of *wedding planner*.

I must say I enjoyed it. I talked with Mary at some length --- asked Peter a few more questions since he would be paying for it and then put together a very small, but nice wedding that fulfilled all of Mary's dreams ----- I hope.

There were about 15 people in attendance at the First Methodist Church yesterday morning. Peter met his bride in the foyer of the church and after Robert and I were seated he walked her down the aisle to stand before the minister. I was very impressed with Chris -- it was a very nice service and when it was time for Mary to repeat her vows, he went very slowly even repeating what she was to say so she could get it said in her broken English. She does very well speaking, but isn't confident yet.

After the kiss and the walk back up the aisle we all followed back into the foyer where we kissed the bride and hugged the groom then went back up front to take pictures. Then everyone come back to my house were we had cake, champagne, silver dollar sandwiches, and all the trimmings that go with a casual wedding reception. It was fun, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

I just looked over at my kitchen and several things remain to be cleaned and put away. That will wait though. Right now I just want to continue to enjoy the memories of the day.

This is Mary's only bridal portrait. I took it about 30 minutes before we were to leave to go to the church.

On the way to the church. Mary was very excited, nervous, anxious --- I had to keep telling her to just breath.

*The Kiss* -- They both made it through their vows and were finally pronounced husband and wife.
Robert and me with Peter and Mary after the service.

Cutting the cake and serving it to each other was an American tradition that Mary wanted. The cloth on the table is one Mary had brought with her from Eritrea and is hand embroidered.

The toast with intwined arms --- another American tradition.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Things about MY NAME

1. I've never really liked my name.

2. My husband didn't like my name when we first met and didn't call me by it for a long time.

3. I'm named for my daddy's first grade girlfriend.

4. I've never used a nickname.

5. I thought of a clever way to write my name a few years ago, but have never used it. (Pat C. for Patsy Cartwright instead of Patsy)

6. Lately I've met several women with the same name.

7. I cried when I found out what a *patsy* is. (junior high is tough)

8. I laughted when my grandson told everyone that my name was NOT Patsy, but is Grammar. "That's not Patsy; that's Grammar!"

9. Not many *famous* people have the name Patsy. But I like Patsy Cline.

10. In Ireland Patsy is a male name too.

11. My name means Noble.

12. Patsy is NOT ranked on the SSA (Social Security Administration) ranking list for babies born in the last year.

13. If I had to pick a name for me I'd probably be Patricia --- then Patsy could be my nickname.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Tough Lessons

As the girls grew up I always tried to tell them that life is hard. When disappointments came their way I tried to make them feel better with kind words, but to also teach them that disappointments come to us all --- that they would live and they could make the best of any situation by being positive. I think all three girls will tell you that they heard the phrase *circumstances change* more than once, especially in their later adolescence. To teach them that I had to be willing to learn it myself and to realize that circumstances change and disappointments come.

I can pretty well handle the *circumstances change* part of life --- heaven knows I've had enough changes in my life to last some people several life times, but that's okay. I'm still a very blessed person. But sometimes I just have to admit that life sucks and the disappointments in life are hard to accept and just plain old everyday hurt.

I did fine with the disappointment of having to take Amy, Abigail and Benjamin home last Thursday until I got home today. It was so sad and disappointing to put away the swing set again when they only played on it one morning, to put their new little camp chairs away when they only sat in them for a little while on Wednesday, and fold the swimming pool up and put it back in the box to be stored in the attic for who knows how long. I wanted this week with them very badly --- I wanted to get to be with them and to laugh with them and to play ---- and Amy and I had projects planned ---- and now I have boxes of photos to store back in the closet because our project will just have to wait.

Life goes on. I have a wedding to help put together for Saturday. The flower beds still need attention. A smile will be back in my heart in a few days, but in the mean time I'm going to feel sad and have a little pity party for myself. And yes, I'm crying.

Abby, Ben and I in the back seat on our way to play at the beach late Wednesday afternoon. We had a good time even if it was a hurried trip.

Here Ben and Abby squeeze me out of the picture at the airport while we wait in line to board our plane to Amarillo. They are great travelers amusing everyone as we trooped through the airport --- them with their backpacks and rolling luggage had everyone smiling.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Green, Green Grass of England, Ireland, & Scotland

Carrie made a comment yesterday about the the pictures I uploaded to Walgreen's -- all 1300+. She simply commented that I had a lot more scenery than she did. That may have been because of where I was seated on the bus.
Due to the fact that Robert is 6'4" tall and has had three back surgeries he needs to be where he can move about on occasion or at least stretch his legs out (I don't know if he really has to do that now, or if it has just become a habit to sit sprawled out) we requested that we be able to sit at the back of the bus all the time after sitting up front one time. The request was granted and we sat on the back seat of the bus the rest of the trip which meant we were there for 9 days.
I was tucked in a corner on the left hand side of the bus with a tall seat in front of me so I could only see to my left and to the right and had no one but Robert to visit with most of the time. With a little bit of difficulty Sheri, who was in front of me, and I could talk but nothing like Robert and Jesse did. They managed to keep a running conversation going for all 10 days we were on that bus. So to keep entertained I took pictures --- lots of pictures of green pastures, green hills, sheep in green pastures, sheep on green hills, streams running through green pastures, bridges crossing the streams running through green pastures, houses on the side of green hills or just houses ---- I think you get the picture, and just in case you don't I'll show you some. Just remember each of these pictures was taken out a bus window while the bus was doing about 60 mph.
Driving from Windsor to Stonehenge (1 of 7)
Driving to Bath (1 of 10)
Just outside of Bath
Going to Bristol (1 of 5)
Between Bristol and Cardiff (1 of 6)
Next two pictures are between Cardiff and the ferry
On to Waterford
Two pictures of ten going on to Blarney
This is the only picture out the window going to Killarney. Much of the scenery was like this and just much to hard to take pictures. Trees, trees, and more trees along the road. Occasionally you could see some sheep, but the trees would be in the way by the time I aimed the camera.
On to Limerick with a stop in Adare.
Between Bunratty and Dublin
In Scotland going to Edinburgh
It was raining so Robert took a picture of me reading and I took one of him lounging. I actually read two and two-thirds books. Thank you, Carrie.
Outside the Firth of Forth
Between Edinburgh and Moffat. There were lots of sheep to take pictures of. (1 of 12)From Moffat on to our final destination Crooksland Hotel before Manchester Airport. That is actually an waterfalls in the center of the picture.
One of the lakes in the Lake District as we got nearer our final night resting place.
Morning drive to Manchester to catch the plane home
Not green pastures, but Greenland as seen out the airplane window. :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thursday's Thirteen
Thirteen Cities and towns we visited on our summer vacation with
a footnote about each.
1. London - Not as easy to get around in as you might think
2. Windsor - Darn, the Queen was in residence
3. Bath - Old stuff, but cool pigs
4. Cardiff (a town in Wales) - wonderful little breakfast cakes
5. Bristol - Where our bus driver couldn't find the hotel
6. Waterford - Home of beautiful crystal!!!
7. Blarney - Do you notice how much more eloquent I am???
8. Killarney - Just saying it makes me hear Irish music
9. Limerick - The once was a man from Nantucket ......
10. Dublin - A varied city, one I enjoyed
11. Grasmere - Home of William (or Henry as origanlly written) Wordsworth
12. Adare - the little town where we bought Robert's waxed cap
13. Moffat - a tourist stop for wonderful woolen items

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Summer Vaction -- A Random Look

I've spent two and a half days looking at pictures, labeling pictures, looking up things on the Internet so I'd know what I had pictures of and reading Carrie's Blog to find out where we were part of the time. Now it is time to just bite the bullet and begin sharing the pictures I took. But before I do I would like to say that my approach will not be chronological because last night the young man (OK he's 36) who took care of our lawn for us came by to returned the keys. He asked what was our favorite part of the trip and that got me thinking, "What was my favorite part of the trip?" So here is the answer to Robert's question with picture accompaniments. So I'll jump around and you will get the highlights of my trip.

I loved being in Dublin and seeing "River Dance." What could be better than being in Ireland for that? The Gaiety Theatre, where they performed, is old and has probably seen better days, but I saw "River Dance" in Ireland and sat in a box seat and felt very special.
Then there was the subway ride back from the London Tower which we nearly didn't get to, to begin with, because no one knew how to get around in London -- buses, taxis, and a subway system but we managed to walk up and down the same street several times before finally getting on a bus. I'm positive that Robert and I would be the first to leave on "Amazing Race". The subway ride was fun because we were all relieved to be on the right train headed in the right direction (on the second try "Sorry about that guys.") and just relax. See Sheri's reflection in the glass behind R and J? Then Carrie looking impish. Oh, I found Waterford Crystal factory very intriguing. I had no idea it took so much to make a crystal bowl or vase or nick knack. And I love the nick knack I got as a souvenir. Its like the Seahorse we were shown only much, much smaller. The Seahorse by the way is the city symbol of Waterford and the emblem for Waterford Crystal.
I enjoyed the signs in the UK, too. At Trafalgar Square you are discouraged from feeding the pigeons (be sure to enlarge that sign so you can read what is under the Do Not Feed part), but at St. James's Park they have an area just for that. Signs everywhere cautioned you to MIND THE STEP or when getting on or off the underground MIND THE GAP. Then you don't Exit you take the WAY OUT. And how many of you have been to an award winning public restroom? I could do a list of unusual signs seen in the UK --- maybe that will be my list for Thursday 13.
So begins my favorite parts of my trip. There is much more to tell about. So now that I've decided how to share with you, I'll continue a little each day until you are just plain bored.