Monday, July 28, 2008

To Go or To Stay -- That Is the Question

I'm now faced with a dilemma.

Our church is hosting a Beth Moore simulcast this weekend; one I'd really like to be a part of BUT the Bain Family Reunion is also this weekend. There was not dilemma until we had to make the trip to the panhandle for Helen's funeral. ("May she rest in peace.") At that time I had opportunity to visit with much of the family that I usually visit with at the reunion except for one cousin whose ear Robert will gladly bend in my absence.

I made a quip last night at church about wanting to stay in town and Robert replied that it was fine with him if I stayed and even called this morning after he got to work to say again that he would not mind if I stayed here. He said he would drive to Donna's on Thrusday then on to Amarillo on Friday and when coming home would leave on Sunday afternoon for Donna's again and then home on Monday. If he really will break that 11 hour drive up that way I think I will stay home ---

You can tell I've about made my mind up, but a part of my heart is tugging at me to go with him -- or does he want this time to be alone with his dad and not have to worry about me --

This is the cousin I would miss seeing if I stay home. We always enjoy our visits. This picture was taken at the reunion in 2004.

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