Friday, July 11, 2008

The Green, Green Grass of England, Ireland, & Scotland

Carrie made a comment yesterday about the the pictures I uploaded to Walgreen's -- all 1300+. She simply commented that I had a lot more scenery than she did. That may have been because of where I was seated on the bus.
Due to the fact that Robert is 6'4" tall and has had three back surgeries he needs to be where he can move about on occasion or at least stretch his legs out (I don't know if he really has to do that now, or if it has just become a habit to sit sprawled out) we requested that we be able to sit at the back of the bus all the time after sitting up front one time. The request was granted and we sat on the back seat of the bus the rest of the trip which meant we were there for 9 days.
I was tucked in a corner on the left hand side of the bus with a tall seat in front of me so I could only see to my left and to the right and had no one but Robert to visit with most of the time. With a little bit of difficulty Sheri, who was in front of me, and I could talk but nothing like Robert and Jesse did. They managed to keep a running conversation going for all 10 days we were on that bus. So to keep entertained I took pictures --- lots of pictures of green pastures, green hills, sheep in green pastures, sheep on green hills, streams running through green pastures, bridges crossing the streams running through green pastures, houses on the side of green hills or just houses ---- I think you get the picture, and just in case you don't I'll show you some. Just remember each of these pictures was taken out a bus window while the bus was doing about 60 mph.
Driving from Windsor to Stonehenge (1 of 7)
Driving to Bath (1 of 10)
Just outside of Bath
Going to Bristol (1 of 5)
Between Bristol and Cardiff (1 of 6)
Next two pictures are between Cardiff and the ferry
On to Waterford
Two pictures of ten going on to Blarney
This is the only picture out the window going to Killarney. Much of the scenery was like this and just much to hard to take pictures. Trees, trees, and more trees along the road. Occasionally you could see some sheep, but the trees would be in the way by the time I aimed the camera.
On to Limerick with a stop in Adare.
Between Bunratty and Dublin
In Scotland going to Edinburgh
It was raining so Robert took a picture of me reading and I took one of him lounging. I actually read two and two-thirds books. Thank you, Carrie.
Outside the Firth of Forth
Between Edinburgh and Moffat. There were lots of sheep to take pictures of. (1 of 12)From Moffat on to our final destination Crooksland Hotel before Manchester Airport. That is actually an waterfalls in the center of the picture.
One of the lakes in the Lake District as we got nearer our final night resting place.
Morning drive to Manchester to catch the plane home
Not green pastures, but Greenland as seen out the airplane window. :)


Donna said...

how gorgeous and GREEN!

Carrie said...

Yeah, Dad can tease all he wants about me being a motormouth but I'm pretty sure his running commentary beat any talking I did on this trip hands down.

We don't have as many scenery pictures and I also didn't take as many pictures of flowers as you did.