Monday, July 21, 2008

Tough Lessons

As the girls grew up I always tried to tell them that life is hard. When disappointments came their way I tried to make them feel better with kind words, but to also teach them that disappointments come to us all --- that they would live and they could make the best of any situation by being positive. I think all three girls will tell you that they heard the phrase *circumstances change* more than once, especially in their later adolescence. To teach them that I had to be willing to learn it myself and to realize that circumstances change and disappointments come.

I can pretty well handle the *circumstances change* part of life --- heaven knows I've had enough changes in my life to last some people several life times, but that's okay. I'm still a very blessed person. But sometimes I just have to admit that life sucks and the disappointments in life are hard to accept and just plain old everyday hurt.

I did fine with the disappointment of having to take Amy, Abigail and Benjamin home last Thursday until I got home today. It was so sad and disappointing to put away the swing set again when they only played on it one morning, to put their new little camp chairs away when they only sat in them for a little while on Wednesday, and fold the swimming pool up and put it back in the box to be stored in the attic for who knows how long. I wanted this week with them very badly --- I wanted to get to be with them and to laugh with them and to play ---- and Amy and I had projects planned ---- and now I have boxes of photos to store back in the closet because our project will just have to wait.

Life goes on. I have a wedding to help put together for Saturday. The flower beds still need attention. A smile will be back in my heart in a few days, but in the mean time I'm going to feel sad and have a little pity party for myself. And yes, I'm crying.

Abby, Ben and I in the back seat on our way to play at the beach late Wednesday afternoon. We had a good time even if it was a hurried trip.

Here Ben and Abby squeeze me out of the picture at the airport while we wait in line to board our plane to Amarillo. They are great travelers amusing everyone as we trooped through the airport --- them with their backpacks and rolling luggage had everyone smiling.

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