Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Summer Vaction -- A Random Look

I've spent two and a half days looking at pictures, labeling pictures, looking up things on the Internet so I'd know what I had pictures of and reading Carrie's Blog to find out where we were part of the time. Now it is time to just bite the bullet and begin sharing the pictures I took. But before I do I would like to say that my approach will not be chronological because last night the young man (OK he's 36) who took care of our lawn for us came by to returned the keys. He asked what was our favorite part of the trip and that got me thinking, "What was my favorite part of the trip?" So here is the answer to Robert's question with picture accompaniments. So I'll jump around and you will get the highlights of my trip.

I loved being in Dublin and seeing "River Dance." What could be better than being in Ireland for that? The Gaiety Theatre, where they performed, is old and has probably seen better days, but I saw "River Dance" in Ireland and sat in a box seat and felt very special.
Then there was the subway ride back from the London Tower which we nearly didn't get to, to begin with, because no one knew how to get around in London -- buses, taxis, and a subway system but we managed to walk up and down the same street several times before finally getting on a bus. I'm positive that Robert and I would be the first to leave on "Amazing Race". The subway ride was fun because we were all relieved to be on the right train headed in the right direction (on the second try "Sorry about that guys.") and just relax. See Sheri's reflection in the glass behind R and J? Then Carrie looking impish. Oh, I found Waterford Crystal factory very intriguing. I had no idea it took so much to make a crystal bowl or vase or nick knack. And I love the nick knack I got as a souvenir. Its like the Seahorse we were shown only much, much smaller. The Seahorse by the way is the city symbol of Waterford and the emblem for Waterford Crystal.
I enjoyed the signs in the UK, too. At Trafalgar Square you are discouraged from feeding the pigeons (be sure to enlarge that sign so you can read what is under the Do Not Feed part), but at St. James's Park they have an area just for that. Signs everywhere cautioned you to MIND THE STEP or when getting on or off the underground MIND THE GAP. Then you don't Exit you take the WAY OUT. And how many of you have been to an award winning public restroom? I could do a list of unusual signs seen in the UK --- maybe that will be my list for Thursday 13.
So begins my favorite parts of my trip. There is much more to tell about. So now that I've decided how to share with you, I'll continue a little each day until you are just plain bored.

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