Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Things about MY NAME

1. I've never really liked my name.

2. My husband didn't like my name when we first met and didn't call me by it for a long time.

3. I'm named for my daddy's first grade girlfriend.

4. I've never used a nickname.

5. I thought of a clever way to write my name a few years ago, but have never used it. (Pat C. for Patsy Cartwright instead of Patsy)

6. Lately I've met several women with the same name.

7. I cried when I found out what a *patsy* is. (junior high is tough)

8. I laughted when my grandson told everyone that my name was NOT Patsy, but is Grammar. "That's not Patsy; that's Grammar!"

9. Not many *famous* people have the name Patsy. But I like Patsy Cline.

10. In Ireland Patsy is a male name too.

11. My name means Noble.

12. Patsy is NOT ranked on the SSA (Social Security Administration) ranking list for babies born in the last year.

13. If I had to pick a name for me I'd probably be Patricia --- then Patsy could be my nickname.

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