Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Long Rambling on What Makes a Good Day

Some days are good days and this is one. I've been trying to decide what has made it better than other days and I can't say I know for sure, but I have an idea. It sounds sort of junior highish to say but still I think it is what has made the difference between a good day and just another day.
If you curiosity is peeked then you can continue to read and I'll try to explain why I think this is as good day.
I think we all like to feel *liked*. We want others to value us for whatever reason; be it that we are wise, witty, calming, charming -- you get the picture. It starts at an early age --- we want friends that ask us to play, we want to be invited over to their house or for them to come over to our house -- to be joined with them. Later we have best friends, someone to share all our secrets with and hopefully someone who won't judge us by those secrets. For many that best friend stays with them forever. That BFF thing we hear so much about. Sadly what you think will be a BFF doesn't turn out that way for whatever reason -- I know I've lost what was to be my BFF from high school and I have no idea why. And yes, I've tried to contact her more than once. That is all another post
I did digress -- another thing I've discovered is that we want to be part of *the group*. My husband doesn't understand this. But then again he has always been a part of *the group*. He just has that natural ability or name or something that puts him there. I, on the other hand, have always felt like I was just on the edge of *the group*. Never really a part of it. I was welcome when I was there, but not made to feel like I really belonged. True this might have been more my problem than anyone else's problem but it is how I felt.
Now back to why this has been a good day. This morning Robert asked me what was on my agenda and I had nothing planned. Sitting at the computer in my pj's playing games was about all I could see me doing. Then about 8:00 the phone rang and it was Carolyn. She first apologized for calling so early (Is 8:00 really so early?) Then asked me to join her and Sheila because they had forgot to tell me what time to be at the church this morning to help buy food for the conference. We went together to HEB and bought food items for the breakfast (and laughed and giggled like we were in junior high and even argued about a couple of things like kids do). When I'm with them I feel like I belong. I'm not on the edge, I'm in the middle and being in the middle makes me have a good day. We were finished with our errands by 11:30 and I was back at the house. Its a good day though when you get to *play* with your friends.
Please don't think of me as some sort of insecure boob. I know part of this sounded like I'm insecure and lonely or self-centered, but in reality I bet I'm a lot like everyone else.

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