Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thursday's Thirteen
Thirteen Cities and towns we visited on our summer vacation with
a footnote about each.
1. London - Not as easy to get around in as you might think
2. Windsor - Darn, the Queen was in residence
3. Bath - Old stuff, but cool pigs
4. Cardiff (a town in Wales) - wonderful little breakfast cakes
5. Bristol - Where our bus driver couldn't find the hotel
6. Waterford - Home of beautiful crystal!!!
7. Blarney - Do you notice how much more eloquent I am???
8. Killarney - Just saying it makes me hear Irish music
9. Limerick - The once was a man from Nantucket ......
10. Dublin - A varied city, one I enjoyed
11. Grasmere - Home of William (or Henry as origanlly written) Wordsworth
12. Adare - the little town where we bought Robert's waxed cap
13. Moffat - a tourist stop for wonderful woolen items


Donna said...

Fun!! I want pictures of Daddy in his waxed cap!!

Carrie said...

Look at any picture I have of Dad and he's wearing it. I think he wore it pretty much from the time he bought it until, well, he could still be wearing it.

(And his name is William Wordsworth although Henry is usually a pretty good guess for names of English men.)

Patsy said...

Thanks, notice I made the correction on Wordsworth's name. And he wears it now mostly when he is riding in the convertable -- top down. :)

Random Ramblings said...

i would love to go to Dublin too! My favorite band is from there =)

hope you can drop by and check my TT for this week: my favorite tv shows in the 80s

Tuppence said...

I would love to have seen the woolen items in Moffat. The whole trip sounds wonderful.