Saturday, February 16, 2008

Casting Call Answered

Sometimes you do something just because you've never done it before -- and you have friends that are crazy enough to drag you along. Today I went to a casting call for a movie that is going to be filmed in this area. Yep, it is a crazy as it sounds. But I showed up with the required non returnable photo not knowing what to expect.

Sheri and I got to the Civic Center about 30 minutes before the doors opened because we were afraid there would be a long line. I think we were invisioning the American Idol try outs. Not quiet that --- we were 15th or 20th (something like that) in line, but the wind was blowing so we had a wind swept look about us when we got inside. The saving grace is that everyone else did too.

Once inside we were told to fill out a form. Basic stuff -- name, address, email, hobbies/talents, previous acting experience. The photo you supplied was stapled to that and on the back of the form your name and contact number were written. Your picture was then taken holding the paper showing your name and number by a girl with a simple camera and you were instructed to stand in another line to be interviewed.

Sheri, Shirley (another friend from work that joined us) and I stood in line together visiting and laughing with those around us. One boy whom I guess to be in upper elementary school finished his interview while we were waiting in line and when the interviewer gave him his paper back and told him to go to the next room he turned to those us waiting and said, "I'm going to Hollywood, I'm the next American Idol." Cracked me up. The interview process was very quick and simple --- two people seated at separate tables would take the "next in line please" --- you sat down across the table from of them and answered a couple of questions. My quetions were "If you weren't here doing this today, what would you be doing?" and "If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?" I guess the young man interviewing me liked how I answered because after we talked he put a Q at the top of my paper, handed the paper back to me and told me to go to room Q. In room Q a young lady with a video recorder had me hold my paper showing my name and phone number up --- say my name and phone number and then answer the question "If you weren't here today what would you be doing?" Then she had me say my name again. I didn't know until I came out of Room Q that neither Sheri nor Shirley were assigned to go to a room for further taping or interviewing.

I will insert a note here that some people were sent to Room D, some to Room Q and others had their papers marked with an E. The only thing that we could decipher from the codes is that those going to Room D were *definate maybes* and those going to Room Q were *questionable maybes* and those with the E were *not exactly right*.

How did you answer the questions you are wondering. Well to the first one I told them I would be cleaning house. I then went on to explain that I'm hosting a birthday party for a one year old tomorrow and really needed to have clean floors for that. I rambled on that this is the daughter of a young couple from the church that we have become good friends with and that they are going to be moving to Austin at which point I realized I was rambling so I just sort of stopped talking. When asked the second question I had to think a moment. I decided in that moment that I really want to go to Australia. I really haven't thought about going to Australia until then. Guess it was because I had seen Russel Crow on the Jay Leno Show the other night. I talked about how we are going to England, Ireland, and Scotland this summer and although we hadn't been many places in the US I wanted to see Australia and I think they have cool accents. I also remember saying something about we had taken cruises. I ramble well when talking to perfect strangers.

I know both Sheri and Shirley were disappointed they didn't go to interview rooms, although neither would admit it, but both were good sports teasing me about how I was going to go on to be a star. Shirley volunteered to do all my stunt work and Sheri said she would get me coffee.

I just got a phone call --- no not from the casting people --- from Sheri reminding me that if hadn't been for her I wouldn't be having this moment and when I "make it big" and receive some award I'd better be sure I mention those (her) who made it possible.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Got tagged by Donna at A Grown-Up. Really? Don't know whether to be flattered or aggravated. This is a meme about books. I take reading by spells and read a variety of unimportant writings. The last book I read was The Husband by Dean Koontz, but I loaned it to a friend so I don't have it to refer too. That being said I walked over to the bookcase and just picked up the biggest book on the shelf; Insomnia by Stephen King. It was an interesting read, lots of twist and long enough to keep me entertained for a long while. The following are the instructions I received and the instructions those I tag are to follow.

... here are the instructions:
1. Pick up the nearest book ( of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and post a comment here once you post it to your blog, so I can come see.

After taking his statement to Ralph's part in the Deepneaus' domestic problems, Detective John Leydecker had pushed back his desk chair, laced his fingers together behind his not inconsiderable breath of neck, and said that McGovern had told him Ralph suffered from insomnia.
Ralph allowed that he did.
Leydeck nodded, rolled his chair forward again, clasped his hands atop the litter of paperwork beneath which the surface of his desk was mostly buried, and looked at Ralph seriously.

Struck me as odd that the sixth sentence of page 123 would refer to the book's title. And after reading that bit of writing I remember why I like Stephen King. He is a good discriptive writer. If you like thrillers with twist and turns this is a book worth reading.
Now here is my dilemma I don't have 5 blogger buddies to pass this along too. As a matter of fact I'm not even sure there are 5 people who read my blog, so what I'm going to do is copy and paste this to the old fashioned email list and see what happens with it there. Below are the people I'll be emailing it to. Sorry you won't be able to go read what they write, but if I get any interesting replies, I'll post them on my blog.
Sheri Shindler
Bobby Maupin
Winnie Hagen
Billie Dauster
Jo Ann Franklin

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Is It Real or Is It Memorx?

The past three days have felt like spring has arrived. The temperature each day has been in the upper 70s and the sun has been bright. Our grass has begun to turn a deeper shade of green (we were lucky in that it never completely turned brown this year -- mixture of mild winter and a fertilizer at just the right time last fall) and people are getting out in their yards planting and cleaning.
Because the spring bug has bitten us and because we have this trip to England, Ireland and Scottland planned for June, Robert and I went to our handy, dandy Walmart yesterday and made a purchase of two 26" bicycles. His is the boy bike in bright red with black fenders, mine is of course the girl bike in bright blue with silver fenders. These are the plain jane kind of bikes like we rode back when we were kids. No gears or breaks on the handlebars, just push forward on the peddle to go forward and push back on the peddle to stop. If you are going uphill push a little harder on the peddles and if you need to slow down going down hill push backward on the peddle. So far we have managed to keep all of that straight. I even got brave and rode with no hands for a little (very little) ways yesterday.
We rode for about 30 minutes yesterday when we arrived home with them (they were pre assembled) and again today after getting home from lunch. Our goal is to ride each day that something isn't falling from the sky. We want to be able to keep up with the young kids on trip and pass up some of the old (but younger than us) folks --- we are just that way.

This is my family when I rode a bike with no fancy gear shifts or brakes --- I'm not even sure the bike I had was equipped with fenders --- I do remember that the bike Billie had was green and mine was blue and white. Beyond that not much memory.

Monday, February 4, 2008

I Could Have Danced All Night

What fun Robert and I had Saturday evening at the annual Junior Service League Charity Ball. It is a black-tie affair so I got to put on a ball gown, wear dangly earrings and strappy shoes. Plus I was excorted by a guy wearing a tux.

The theme this year was Viva Las Vegas which meant that their were black jack tables, a craps table and a wheel of fortune along with the usual silent auction, dancing, and meal of prime rib or chicken, green beans, asparagus spears, salad, rolls and a variety of desserts. And please don't forget the open bar.

The evening started with social hour at 7:00 and about 8:00 the senior sons and daughters of Service League members were introduced. As the introductions ended Elvis arrived on stage and the evening of dancing began with a dance for the seniors and their parent. Elvis performed with many of his classics, which were well received and the Triumphs, the feature group, were fantastic, playing a great combination of music to statisfy everyone's taste. Robert and I arrived home about 2:00 am exhausted, a little tippsy, and very glad we had attended *the ball.*