Monday, February 4, 2008

I Could Have Danced All Night

What fun Robert and I had Saturday evening at the annual Junior Service League Charity Ball. It is a black-tie affair so I got to put on a ball gown, wear dangly earrings and strappy shoes. Plus I was excorted by a guy wearing a tux.

The theme this year was Viva Las Vegas which meant that their were black jack tables, a craps table and a wheel of fortune along with the usual silent auction, dancing, and meal of prime rib or chicken, green beans, asparagus spears, salad, rolls and a variety of desserts. And please don't forget the open bar.

The evening started with social hour at 7:00 and about 8:00 the senior sons and daughters of Service League members were introduced. As the introductions ended Elvis arrived on stage and the evening of dancing began with a dance for the seniors and their parent. Elvis performed with many of his classics, which were well received and the Triumphs, the feature group, were fantastic, playing a great combination of music to statisfy everyone's taste. Robert and I arrived home about 2:00 am exhausted, a little tippsy, and very glad we had attended *the ball.*


Carrie said...

I like your dress--it's very pretty color and really makes your eyes stand out in the picture with Dad.

But I have to ask-- are you wearing your fake hair?

Patsy said...

Yes --- fake hair is firmly in place. But even my hair dresser was impressed with what I had done. A very messy looking updo.

Donna said...

Fake hair or no, it looks good. I love the color of that dress... Carrie is right, it is great with your eyes!

amanew said...

You both look very nice. I am glad that you have the chance to dress up and have fun. Mom I really like your hair, it looks cute.

Carrie said...

(I wrote this before but apparently Blogger ate it.)

Although I know everyone knows my feelings on fake hair, I didn't mean to imply that your hair looks bad and I apologize if it read that way. I didn't know if your hair was long enough to pull up and have that much leftover. That was simply the reason behind my question. You both looked great, hair and all.