Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Day

Robert had a meeting to attend today so I decided this would be the day to do those little things that get put on the list of *I'll Get to That Tomorrow* things to be done. None of them took more than 5 minutes (well they wouldn't have taken more than 5 minutes if I hadn't kept side tracking myself).

The list looked something like this:

1. Put new boards on top of the dresser so pictures won't keep falling.

2. Put platter used last Saturday back on the top shelf.

3. File the stack of paid bills and other paper.

4. Put the Christmas sweaters back in storage.

5. Rehang the pictures over the pantry door in the kitchen.

6. Cut the material for the bathroom curtain.

(notice that didn't say make the curtain, just cut the material)

7. Scour the kitchen sink. (I promised myself I'd keep it sparkling white when I bought it)

8. Put the tag on the window of the mustang.

9. Hunt for the earring I know I lost in the mustang two weeks ago.

10. Glue the decorative cover back on the bathroom scales.

Of those ten things four or five of them still need doing, but I'll get to them tomorrow (this is where I break into singing, "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow. You're only a daaaaaaaay away." from Annie)

The things that kept getting me sidetracked were things like --- having to go over the construction sites and look for some wood to put on the top of the dresser. I thought I had what I needed, but I didn't so that took part of my five minutes. Then when I was putting the platter away, I decided I needed to rearrange the dishes that sit in front of the platter so they are better displayed.

I also was doing some laundry and the dryer kept hollering that the clothes needed attended.

The frustrating part was that I did hunt for the earring I know I was wearing in the mustang and the only place it could be in in the mustang, but I searched all around --- even did the CSI thing with the small, bright flashlight and couldn't find it --- and darn that was a favorite pair of earrings --- I'll hang on to the one I have just in case the other one shows up some day. (I have several pair like that.)

I did meet the new neighbors to be. They were over at the house putting paint samples on the walls. They came over to my house then to see what we have done since we have the same floor plan. Dave and Debbie seem like very nice people. I haven't met who will be moving into the other two new houses, but they both have SOLD signs on them also.

And I roasted the turkey that Thomas gave us at Thanksgiving for watching he kitten while he was gone.

All in all it was a full day and a fulfilling day. I still have little things I need to do, but the list is shorter for the moment.

This picture was taken at the Houston Zoo Easter weekend 2003 whn Carrie and Paul came down for a visit. Robert said he was smiling.

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Julie said...

It seems like many of my days lately are like that -- 5 or 10 minute jobs that I take 20 or 30 minutes to do.

I need to mop the kitchen floor, so I pick up the rugs, which need shaking, so I go to the back door, and notice the clothes hanging on the clothesline are dry, so I take them down and start putting them away, but then I notice the kids' bedroom floors need vacuuming so I go to get the vacuum, which is right by the washing machine, so I start filling the washer, and then go to my bathroom to get the dirty laundry, notice that the sink needs cleaning...

At the end of the day, the kitchen floor still needs mopping. Days like that are so frustrating...