Thursday, January 24, 2008


I read two blogs today that made me smile and brought back memories.

The first was from by nephew's wife (does that make her my niece-in-law?). She was writing about how proud she is of her second grade daughter who is in Brownies and selling Girl Scout cookies. She went on about all the cookies Emily has sold and I couldn't keep from smiling.

I too had daughters who sold Girl Scout cookies. Carrie and Amy were big in that department. Carrie, I think, just went door-to-door with Amy because the buddy system was firmly in place at our house, but they managed to sell many cookies. I was very proud of them for their determination to do a good job and win prizes. The only problem was when the cookies came in ---- boxes and boxes and boxes of cookies that had to be delivered to customers who were home and willing to place an order, but didn't ever seem to be home to receive the order and pay up. The vision of cases of cookies stacked in the garage still haunts me.

The second email that made me smile was by Carrie. She was going on about her non-coolness. I smiled because to me she has always been a cool kid. I didn't however realize she had ever had to give up a date because of a piano recital. Guess that wouldn't have sounded too cool. Sorry, Carrie, if I had known I would have invited the gentleman to the recital. Now how un-cool would that have been?

I wonder if this tiny bundle of joy will someday sell Girl Scout cookies? This is Abigail at just a few days old, and one of the first pictures of me holding her in Feb. 2002


Carrie said...

Oh, no--I've never been cool but thanks for the vote of confidence. :)

It's fun to look at that picture of Abigail because you can see what she looks like know in that little bitty baby.

amanew said...

I remember you telling us that we had to go over to the scary neighbors house to sell. But they usually bought something. Carrie and I would argue over who had to ring the door bell and who had to talk.