Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring -- A Time for a Fresh Look

Some things just make you feel better --- sunny, warm days, flowers blooming, birds singing and a hair cut. I couldn't stand my hair a day more. It is now back to a length I really like. I just thought I wanted long hair that could be pulled back in a pony tail or twisted up with a clip. No I like my hair better styled like Kelly Picklers. When I saw her on American Idol a couple of weeks ago I knew that I really wanted my shorter hair back.
When I told Donna I was looking for pictures of Kelly Pickler on the internet she could believe that is what I wanted it like Miss Pickler, but if you scroll down I think you will agree it looks much better. I found the pictures I wanted --- printed them and took them with me to Nick's today. (I already had the appointment.) I made him promise not to laugh at who the pictures were of, but to just cut my hair like that. He got pretty close.

These are the before (left) now and back view (middle and right) of my *new* do. The before picture is the one I used for my Casting Call adventure. It looks like I could have used a make-up touch up in the now picture, but this is how I look at the end of a day of teaching. The *before* picture was taken first thing in the morning by a fellow teacher. Robert took the *now* pics.
The new construction next door is finished. The single man who bought it should be moving either this weekend or next. I'm really curious about what he is going to do in the main living area (which is much like this house in that it is an open floor plan). He had the walls painted the same mustard yellow that my bedroom is. He said his brother is going to help him put a glaze on it. If his turns out well, I may do the same to my bedroom, but that will be later this summer after I have painted the two guest rooms.
The house across the street on the corner is still about a month away from completion so the workmen will be around for a while longer. For the most part I'm never aware they are around but some days they play the music loud enough that I can hear it in the house. Ahy ya ya ya --
Or Love Song After one semester of Spanish.
Yesterday when I was home feeling a little under the weather and a whole lot like I just didn't want to go to work. The workmen were here at the house doing some things that should have been done six months ago. The windows frames were all caulked around and on each side of the house where there was a seam in the bricks that hadn't been mortared well, mortar was applied. I didn't even know those things needed done.

The one thing I want done though hasn't happened yet. I plan to stay with them until it is though. A piece of trim was left off our fireplace mantle and although it isn't noticable to someone who doesn't know it should be there, I know it should be there and I want it put on. The cabinet maker has been over twice to measure the length of the piece and I've actually seen the piece stained and finished --- it is just that no one has been over to put it on. If I happen to see it again I think I'll just bring it here and nail it up myself.


amanew said...

I love the new look. I really do like that length of hair on you. It gets an A Plus in my grade book.:)

Donna said...

I like the new do. Have you thought about just swept to the side bangs... not true bangs, but just sweepy ones?