Saturday, September 5, 2009

A New Ride

So I say to the husband, "I'm thinking I'd like a car a little bit bigger than the mustang, and one that is quieter than the convertable is."

So hubby says to me, "What did you have in mind? 'Cause I was thinking we should get a hybrid in a couple of years."

I say to the hubby, "I don't really want to wait two years, I was thinking maybe now because it really was not much fun to drive the 'tang all the way to Amarillo and back with Abigail and Heidi. I really got tire."

So hubby says to me, "Look at the hybrids on the internet."

And from there we decided that we liked the size of the Ford Fusion best. I went to the local dealer who didn't have a hybrid in his showroom, but did have a Fusion that I could drive. It fit --- the one they found in the area for me though was way more car than we were looking for. We didn't want the moon roof package, but that seemed to be the only Fusion Hybrid that Ford is making right now. We haggeled a little because haggeling just isn't in my blood --- I was able to make a deal I could live with and I now own a new car.

Well own might be a stretch, but I do have the papers saying that I will eventually own said car.


Ida said...

Nice car. Incidently, the car Ginger and I bought for her is a 2006 Ford Fusion. They are a nice size car. Big enough for a family, but sporty enough for the teenagers. Ginger likes it MUCH better than the mini-van. Me, on the other hand, would love to have another minivan, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Gotta get the PT paid off first (2years), then we'll probably have to buy Joe a new truck. Good thing I like the PT. It's perfect for me to drive around. A little small for hauling g-kids, but I've done that, too. But I really, really liked your Mustang. :)

LceeL said...

Nice car. Really. And Ford quality is so much higher in the last few years. Good Choice.