Wednesday, October 7, 2009

100 Word Challenge -- Lemonade

Velvet's new word is Lemonade. She said it was not really the season, but she wanted something to "bring some cheer as we begin the decent into winter." Sorry Velvet, but this piece just wrote itself.

One can of frozen lemonade concentrate. That was all I had wanted. Was that so hard? It wasn’t supposed to end like this. One can of lemonade. Oh, why hadn’t I just told her I make that silly pie tomorrow after I’d had a chance to go to the store? Why had I let her go by herself? So proud of that new license; so eager to be the driver. One can of frozen lemonade. “Not the pink kind,” I had cautioned. Now it didn’t matter. Now it would never matter. For one can of frozen lemonade my world has ended.


LceeL said...

Great piece, Patsy. Unspoken tragedy. Very, Very well done.

And please don't feel OBLIGATED to post. I know what it's like to go through 'down times' - when you just don't get to it for one reason or another. It is okay. But DO comment. DO read. Posting will come back to you when it's ready.

That said, I am SO GLAD that the 100 Word Challenge has inspired you to write.

Velvet Verbosity said...

Sad. We never know when death is going to come, and when it does so unexpectedly, those left behind can end up taking on the responsibility. You captured this well.

Ladykli said...

oh this is so sad. I thought of my Larisa when I read this. It was well written but very sad. *sigh*

Ida said...

Wow, what a great piece, sis.

Momisodes said...

Oh this is so tragic. So glad to see you back into the 100 Word Challenges.