Saturday, October 20, 2007

Busy Day --- And Not Nearly Over

Some days just start earlier than others and end later. This will be one of them. As chairman of the Rice Festival Parade 2007 Robert had to be at the Service Center at 6:30 to start getting ready for a 10:00 parade. (Makes me wonder what time the people have to start their morning for the really big parades like the New Year's Day Parade, Thanksgiving Parade, etc. UGGGG) Anyway back to my story, I got up with him and since I didn't have to be anywhere until a little before 10:00 I worked on the bed skirt. I know most people would have it finished by now, but not me-- I left the house with ample time to wonder around the court house because today is Market Day on the Square --- Here in Bay City we like to bunch things together. Now as I got out of my snazzy red Mustang, I decided I might ought to throw my purse and a few other things into the trunk since the top was down. So I gather the keys, my cell phone and camera when I saw a friend. As I spoke with her, I dropped the car keys into my purse tossed the purse into the trunk, you got it, and slammed the trunk shut. (Should my children wonder why they stink at being responsible grown-ups? I think they have learned from the best.) Saving grace is that my cell phone and camera were was still in my hand. After the parade I called Robert to let him know my predicament. When he finished laughing, he said he'd pick me up, but the same friend with whom I was visiting when this predicament started came by and offered a ride home and back which I took her up on. It is nice to have friends. Robert got home about 30 minutes after I did --- he was still laughing. He if off again to do whatever he has to do at the carnival --- he promises that tonight during the Bull Blast and dance he'll be all mine --- we'll see. He loves this mad week-end and because of that so do I.


Donna said...

When you lock them in the car, at the lake far away from any lock-out services, three times, call me. You may have given me the training, but I've most definitely made it an artform.... a few of my other lock-out places: my driveway, the gas pump, and of course, anywhere near closing time.

Carrie said...

At least you didn't have to break a window to get to the keys in the trunk. :)