Friday, October 19, 2007

Where to Start

Where to start? Well, this whole thing has started because two of my daughters have blogs and after reading theirs for some time now, I decided it was time I joined. I have several journals laying around with two or three pages written on in each --- a diet journal that tracks the lack of success of weight loss, one book that is a collection of a few stories about the girls and the cute things they said or did as children (anyone remember the *crash-a-dent* story or HAAAing the glasses), and another journal, that doesn't have much in it, is a group of devotionals that I wrote just for me. The real reason I began this adventure today though is that I didn't want to work on a project I really need to be working on and this seemed like a good way to get out of it for a few minutes, which now has turned into a couple of hours. I'm very slow at setting things up. Even had to call daughter #1 and ask a couple of questions about what things mean. But now that things are up and running and I've actually typed a bit, I feel I must go on to other things. The bed skirt and curtain swags won't make themselves and I really do want them to be done --- oh, by Thanksgiving. And I imagine most of my post will end this way ---- gotta run.

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Carrie said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. :) Have fun!