Monday, October 29, 2007

Whirl Wind Days

It always strikes me as funny, strange, frustrating, and any other adjective you might want to insert that in life everything happens at once. The month of October has been a whirlwind of activity. The calendar looked something like this.
October 1-11 Visit from Mother and Daddy. I flew to Amarillo and drove them down here. That was so much fun. We really didn't do much, but just to having them here was awesome. I guess I had lived for a year with a little bit of fear in my heart that they wouldn't ever get to travel here again. But I think getting to come down here proved to them that they are still well enough to travel. Mother helped me pick out the material for the dining room chair seats. Not what I bought what she and I had picked, but something that was a compromise with Robert, and my second choice. We also played a lot of games. A new card/board game that I love to play call Sequence and of course Yatzee. Then I drove them home and flew back --- Thank goodness for good friends. Robert found out that he had to be in Austin the day I was supposed to come home. Minor problem.
October 13 Start to work. I worked on getting my schedule set and visited with the teachers about goals and students.
October 13-14 Women's Retreat at Matagorda Beach on Friday and Saturday. Sunday School Department annual fish fry Saturday night. There were both fun activities but each required me making a dish or two to take.
October 15-22 Jury Duty Jury duty was interesting. It was a case where Ford was being sued for wrongful death (or something like that) because a woman's husband had died in a roll over accident when she was driving. Her case was that Ford knew that the Ford Explorer was an unsafe vehicle and would roll over easily in an evasive manuver. The jury was never picked after having to go back to the courthouse 4 times. The judge declared it a mistrial, so 72 people were incovenienced for a week.
October 18-21 Rice Festival I was the typical RF widow that whole week, but Robert was having a great time while I got to watch the shows I wanted to watch and make the bed skirt and window scarves for our bedroom. Robert chaired a great parade. I ended up helping him a little, but mostly I was just hanging out and trying not to get in his way. Saturday night he celebrated the parade being over a little heavy and even though we attended the Bull Blast and dance together he wasn't in a very, shall we say, attentive mood. I was glad I was there to drive him home and that home was only a few blocks away.
October 23 Fire Safety Dinner We attended a free dinner about how a regular smoke dector will fail 55.8% of the time, and the importance of having regulare fire drills in the home. (Remember those girls?)
October 27 Costume Parties Yes, that is right. Robert and I were invited to two Halloween costume parties. They were very different, but both fun. The first was across the street and a young couple's home that moved in to their new home just before we moved into ours. They invited every one up and down the street and people from their place of business (HEB). There was lots of food, kids and neighbors. The other was an all adult party with many of the people we had been on a cruise with. Food, booze, music and conversation were the main attractions. Both were fun! Robert was a pirate and I was his wench.
October 28 Home and Garden Party On Saturday Robert helped me get the house shining to show off. And the party was a success. Not as many people came as I would have liked, but I learned how the seating in the house works and what needs to be moved etc. to make it work better. Everyone likes my bedroom and the boldness of the colors. That makes me feel good.
October 31 Fall Festival at the Church FBC host a city wide carnival that will have approximately 2,000 people in attendance. There will be 36 different games and activities for people to particapate in and of course lots of food. Robert and I are helping in the Coke stand from 6:00 to 9:00. The whole thing last from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm with clean up from 9 to 10. Wednesday will be a long day, but one that is fun too.
That is a brief look at October. So far November isn't nearly that full. As a matter of fact the only thing on the November calendar is Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to having the girls here. Doesn't look like any of the boys will be coming. Sunray is doing very well in football this year and with Preston playing we understand that coming here would be nearly impossible. Matt begged off because he and Myrna are still recovering from the expense of getting married in Jamacia and John and Melissa are busy with her family. And Christmas is in just 55 days.

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