Monday, August 31, 2009

Not a Hero to Me

Today I'm going to post an opinion. Something I seldom do because I don't like to offend others. I feel pretty certain those involved won't read this and none of my few readers are kin in any way to the three men I'm going to refer to.

On August 24 three local area men went missing in the Gulf. They had gone out fishing and were reported missing at about 9:00 by family. The Coast Guard and other search parties spent a week looking for these men. On Saturday August 29 they were rescued after being spotted by a man on a boat out fishing. Their boat had capsized and drifted for 7 days. They survived because they stayed with the craft. They were able to salvage some crackers which they rationed and they drank water from the well used for cleaning the boat. I was among those praying for these men and their families and I'm glad they were found and all is well.

Now here is the rub. These men are not heros. They have done nothing heroic and yet the local media has treated them as such. They have been interviewed and wined and dined for two days now. I think that is enough.

As the story has unfolded and I've picked up bits and pieces about what happened I just want to know what kind of IDIOTS are you? You should be acting very sheepish instead of bragging about how you survived. You should be thanking those who spent untold dollors to try and find you and looking for ways that you can repay that debt.

You went out in the Gulf, out of sight of the shore line in a small craft without any kind of radio or GPS system. Personally I think you need to be given a sign to wear that says I'm an idiot not paraded around for all to see like a hero. No you are no one hero.


Ladykli said...

I was wondering if you knew anything different than I've read up here. Doesn't that just make you angry?! Why does the media do that? You are right they are not heroes. The people who looked for them and the guy who finally found them; they would be heroes to me. I, too want to know why people put themselves in situations and not be prepared for the worst, i.e. cellphone or radio.

Ok, I'm done with my rant now. :)

LceeL said...

These guys are definitely NOT SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER!!! It's too bad we don't do stocks in this country anymore. Put 'em in the stock with a label over them that says "STOOPID".

Hootin' Anni said...
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Hootin' Anni said...

Sorry....with my ranting I had to delete because of so many typos. When I get rollin' on like that I make typos...
So, here is the 'corrected' version:

First Patsy....your opinion is valid. Not matter what others think. It's YOUR blog and please, ALWAYS post your thoughts....that's what a personal blog is about. Not trying to post something you think others will what YOU want!!!


On with MY opinion!!!........this whole situation seems kinda fishy to me [no pun on the word 'fishy'] First off, they had interviews galore on our local stations...the DAY AFTER they were rescued. Now if I would have been out on the capsized boat for 7 to 8 the HOT blistering sun....I would look like hell....scorched, burned and more than likely have blisters and peeling skin, and swollen lips, etc. etc.. They did not look like they suffered as one would think they would look. I don't get it. And!! As you say, they're NOT heroes, they ARE idiots. Oh, and come to think of it...the guy that found them...he was fishing in his yacht and said that he passed them going OUT to fish...and then, spotted them looking back...if he passed them going out and he knew it, why did he not go over to them the first time instead of taking the rest of the day to fish off his yacht?

But, as you say, media hypes up on the glorification of situations such as this, and it shouldn't.

There is something odd on this whole scenario. [they also said they saw tipped sharks, but added they were hallucinating after a day out....were the sharks at least when the one guy said the sharks jumped OVER the boat several times?--- hallucinations? and ...oh I could go on and on.]