Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thirteen Days -- Really? Thirteen Days

It has been thirteen days since my last post. It is hard to grasp that two weeks have gone by. When I last posted Robert and I were headed to the Bain reunion.
It was a good reunion this year. I enjoyed catching up with his cousins and there were a few in attendance who hadn't been in several years. There were surprises and disappointments, but for the most part things went smoothly.

Abigail got to go home with me. This was the first time I've had her at my house without the parents. What a fun trip home that was. Robert and I usually make the trip in about 10 hours. With Abby and Heidi it took about 14. Yes, we stopped a lot.

This was one of the best weeks of my summer! I learned a lot about my little princess granddaughter. Not all pretty, but none of it bad. She is very smart and very independent. She is a combination of my oldest and middle daughters. Ahhh, the memories that brings back. More on that visit when I can post pictures.

Then Robert got a part-time job. As we drove home he got a call that they wanted him to come out the the nuclear plant to work the outage --- when safety checks and maintenance is done on the reactors. (Only he isn't really working the outage. He is working pre-outage.) It will only last 6 weeks, but the pay is awesome and there is the slighest chance that it will turn into something semi-permanent. I don't fully understand what he is doing. He is called a Lab Facilitator, meaning he will teach a class he is being trained to teach then test and rank people based on aptitude and abilites.

I brought Abigail back to Amarillo by myself. We made this trip into a two adventure, stopping in Fort Worth to spend the night with Aunt Donna -- owner of two large cats which made Heidi look very small. Fortunately the cats paid little to no attention to Heidi and her barking. She is such a brave noisey dog unless you take a step toward her.

My father-in-law had knee replacement surgery on Wednesday so I have spent several hours at the surgery center with Robert's siblings. Praise God that everything is going good there and on Saturday he will be moved to a rehabilitation center then in five to seven days will be released to go home. The goal is for him to be able to basiscally care for himself at that point. But home health will come by two or three times a week to do therapy.

I'm missing my home and hubby -- I think I'll journey back south on Sunday afternoon or Monday and again make it a two day trip.


Ida said...

Sounds like you and Miss A. had a wonderful time. Robert's job sounds....interesting. Not exactly a banking position. Stop by my blog and pick up the award I have for you.

Hootin' Anni said...

What a great post...your days have been busy. And it's good to hear that "R" got a part-time job. I do hope that it pans out into something for him in the sounds promising!!

I bet Heidi is still the cutest ever.

Glad to read that you had some quality home time with your granddaughter.

Ladykli said...

I haven't posted in a long time either! I'll have to do that sometime soon! LOL!

I'm so happy Robert at least got a part time job. Hopefully it will turn into something more.

I know you had a great time with Miss A from reading about your adventures on FB.

Here's to a speedy recovery for you F-I-L. My Dad had to have that surgery serveral years ago. At that time whatever they used for the replace had a defect and was used in several people. If the replacement failed the company had to replace and give the person a sizeable amount of money. My dad was the only one out about 180 people whose knee didn't give out. Although he would have liked the money, he said he didn't want to go through the surgery/rehab again.

See ya around FB!

LceeL said...

Sounds like you've been busy. Good girl. And here's hoping everything stays on a good course for your FIL. xoxox