Saturday, November 7, 2009

100 Word Challenge -- Writ large

The challenge this week from Velvet Verbosity is writ large. The idea was slow coming; the following is my effort.

The teacher’s words had rung in her ears as she worked, “If you put your best effort into you paper, your effort will pay off.”

She hadn’t been sure what that meant exactly, but she had a feeling it meant if she worked hard she wanted to get an A. That’s what she wanted more than anything because her sister said that she was dumb and that she could never get an A.

The teacher walked up and down the aisle passing back papers. There it was writ large at the top of the page for all to see.


PattiKen said...

Nicely done, Patsy! It brought back memories, though it was a brother in my case.

Velvet Verbosity said...

I remember that feeling of elation when there was a big ole 'A' in red across my papers. I was a bit of a rebel though, so I never let on how much it meant to me. ;)