Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Warning: Tampering Will Cause Garment to Be Ruined

On October 24, Robert and I attended the wedding of a friend's son. The wedding was held in the hometown of the bride 350 miles from our home.

I had purchased a new dress for this occasion a week before the wedding. The dress fit nicely and the sales clerk who checked me out was kind enough to place the dress in a garment bag where I left it until we were getting dressed to go the ceremony.

As I pulled the dress on over my head, I felt it. There on the seam of the sleeve was the security tag. You know that heavy white device with a warning about ink squirting on the dress (and you) if you tamper with it. The device that is supposed to sound an alarm if you shop lift the article.

What to do, what to do? The motel was next to strip shopping mall with several chain department stores in it. We decided to leave a little early for the wedding to see if maybe someone could remove the tag for me.

I made Robert go in the store with me. I figured I looked less guilty of shop lifting if he is standing embarrassed by me than if I just went in by myself. I know a kazillion words were coming out of my mouth as I stammered and stuttered to get my story told. The young sales girl chuckled, but was unable to help. They used a different kind of system for their security, but suggested a store they were pretty sure used the same type device as on my dress.

Here I went in alone with my rambling story about buying the dress some 350 miles away and blah, blah, blah. The sales clerks didn't seem interested in my tale at all, but just said for me to come around the counter so she could see if it would work. I had to do a little contortionist act because the removal system was mounded in the center of the counter.

The security tag was successfully removed so I didn't have to walk around all evening with my elbow glued to my side, then ramble on endlessly about how this had happened.


Ladykli said...

OH my goodness!!! I've had that happen before. I didn't know they had ink in them. I've just used pliers and tore it to shreds until it came apart. I was always worried that they would think I had stole it even if I had the receipt.

Ida said...

LOL, and your thought your biggest worry was if the dress would still fit.

Donna said...

I would say "Only my mother..." but the same thing has happened to me. :)

I'm blogging again, by the way.