Thursday, November 12, 2009

God Smile

I have received this picture several different times via email. I always love getting it, because it is an amazing shot. Because of this photo I have begun to look for other places that God is smiling as us and remembering if God can smile for us even with the mess we have made of things then maybe I should smile a little more often.

Not long ago when drying after a shower I noticed that grass from a pair of socks had gotten shaken into the bathtub. I was having grumbly thoughts about having to clean up that "mess" then I saw it --- a smile. The pieces of grass were laying there in a smile. Well, I could no longer be gumbly about that grass, it was smiling at me. I didn't clean it up right then. I left it a day or two just to remind me to smile.

So my challenge to you is to look around --- God might have a smile just for you hidden somewhere in a cloud, a flower arrangement, or even the dirt on the garage floor.