Monday, April 7, 2008

At Least I Didn't Loose Any Luggage

I found flying home last night a very frustrating experience. To get from Amarillo to Houston Hobby one must stop in Dallas if flying Southwest, and since I nearly always fly Southwest I stop in Dallas quite often. If at all possible I try to book on one of the through flights which means you still have to land in Dallas, but you just don't have to change planes.

When the plane landed in Dallas yesterday evening at 7:55. I gathered my one small carry-on and looked around for the board with flight informations on departures. Just as I found Dallas to Houston the gate changed from 12 to 6. Ok that wasn't bad because the McDonalds was right there by it. Now I didn't need to eat, but I seldom pass up a chance to eat. Two things you should never do when traveling is pass up a chance to go to the restroom or pass up a chance to eat. I have learned the hard way about both.

At Gate 6 people where mumbling and grumbling. I didn't understand why until one girl told me that we wouldn't be going anywhere at 8:30 and that the gate had been changed 3 times already.

Since there was no official from the airline at the check-in counter and no flight number or time displayed I had to believe her and hope for the best. I also hoped we would find something official out soon, because I had friends coming from Bay City to pick me up. Then came the offical word over the loud speaker --- still not human in sight. The 8:30 flight to Houston would be delayed until 10:30.

Now began the phone calls first to Sheila, "Sorry you're going to have to wait around an extra couple of hours because I'm still in Dallas and won't be leaving for two hours."

What a wonderful friend to just say, "No problem. We'll see you when land. Give us a call we'll be waiting in the cell phone parking lot." They were already more than half way to Houston.

Then a call to Robert and of course to Donna Jo. She and I like to commiserate over the inefficiencies of airlines. It helped to have them to talk to and I was glad I had gotten a puzzle book in Amarillo to work. Now it was a puzzle book to work on while I waited and waited and waited.

When our flight crew landed and changed to the plane waiting at our gate, we boarded very quickly with only a few grumbling remarks from passengers around me. Most people were like me. A little put out at being so late, knew that today was going to be a long day for them at work, but quietly accepting what we could not control.

The flight was very crowded, as a matter of fact, full. I was seated between two gentlemen who were not chatty or large. On an airplane size matters. I worked several puzzles and enjoyed the smooth, fast flight. We made it to Houston in 35 minutes; the usual time being 45.

Sheila and Paul were there with trunk ajar by the time I made it from the last gate of the terminal to baggage claim and out the door. They wore smiles and had greeting of cheer for me. I swear tha girl is always a bright spot in my day. I was safely home in my bed by 1:00 am and today wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. But I do think I will turn in a little earlier tonight.
Here Robert and I are on a trip to Tucson in 2002.

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Donna said...

I am glad I got to see you, if for just a bit, before you flew out. Also, thank you for calling to tell me I needed to go home. If nothing else, I said I love you to her, and meant it, and she said it back and I believe wholeheartedly that she meant it. Likely the last words she and I will say to one another which makes it bittersweet.