Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Rockin Good Party

Tonight Robert and I went to a retirement party for Jesse Shindler, the husband of my good friend. We, meaning me and lots of other people at the party but not Robert, ate crayfish with all the trimmings, fried fish and lots of cake.

Then the party really began. There was an open bar and music from the 50s, 60s and country from the 80s and up. Stuff I like and know at least the melody to. I was tonight's DD so I watched as Robert had a good time making friends with everyone we didn't already know and best friends with a bottle of 40 Creek. (He paid for that on the way home. We almost made it to the house before he lost much of his stomach contents down the side of the pick-up.)

As the party began to wind down Sherri and Sharon and I got the microphones and began to sing karaoke. I learned I'm a horrible karaoke singer -- I just know one line to each song and I sing way off key to all songs. But I have a good time the entire time I'm holding the mircrophone and I do a cool back-up singer dance.

This is a picture of some crayfish we caught in the ditch in front of the house in Danavang using bacon for bait. The tails are really pretty good, but I wouldn't eat any of these --- I only want to eat them if I don't think about were they come from.

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Donna said...

I remember catching them, but I don't see them in that picture. I know there was a funny one of one of the crawfish all bowed up fighting with Grandaddy C.

Glad you had fun... and it sounds like Daddy had too much fun.