Friday, April 11, 2008

I'll Take One of Everything -- It's All Good

I just got home from one of those product parties. I really enjoy going to them and usually end up buying more than I intended to. Be it Pampered Chef, Premier Jewelry or Home and Garden Party I always find lots of things I want and I always have a good time.

Tonight's party was a new one for me -- Taste of Home. The products were interesting, pretty and not too overpriced. I actually bought only one item, but gladly would have gotten much more had I not been feeling a little poor tonight. I would put in a web link, but couldn't find one.

The gathering was fun. Most of the ladies I only know casually and from Chamber of Commerce type functions which makes them on a different level of "friendship". In other words they aren't the people I work with who know one Patsy or the people who I church with who know another Patsy. (Hummm is it bad to be three different people???) Just read the first sentence of this paragraph and it sounds like this group of people are more fun then the others; not necessarily so, just a different group.

The hostess for the party is a young girl (mid to late 20s) who thinks I'm just wonderful. We bonded one evening on a cruise that we were on together and I went bar hopping with her and her brother and his girl friend at the time. I must say I did feel young that night and a little *foot-loose*. Since then Heidi has always made it a point to have me around for a party or to seek me out at any function we attend for the C of C.

This is Heidi. You don't have to do anything to have fun with her. Just go along and enjoy the ride. And she says I'm the crazy one. Not so ---- not so.


Julie said...

I find myself with that problem sometimes -- when the various groups overlap, and the rather slightly vulgar and says all kinds of sarcastic and funny but potentially horribly offensive things Julie clashes with the more sedate and non-offender Julie.

The Taste of Home isn't one I have been to yet, although I think I saw a display of their stuff somewhere. Looked like good stuff...I refuse to go to any more Pampered Chef parties, because I have been to so many I just can't find anything to buy.

Carrie said...

I love Taste of Home. I spent way too much money at the one party I've been too and could have spent loads more. It was all stuff that fit my style.

And I think it's only natural to be slightly different when you're around different people. I guess if it's not drastic personality changes, we don't have anything to worry about.