Monday, April 21, 2008

A Beautiful Place to Visit with God

I started this blog last Monday, but got way layed by a viciouse sinus infection and allergies. I think this trip to a "Beautiful Place" full of oak trees was part of the problem, but well worth the fever, head-ache, sorness, and general *wish I could die* feeling I had on Tuesday. Of course the trip to the doctor on Wednesday cured all of that with a shot, two prescriptions, and two different doctor samples of allergy medication. Below is pictorial guide of the Women's Retreat to Broken Triangle Ranch and the Glass House.

This the glass house that we stayed in. Yes, all the outside walls are glass, with a great view of the grounds. There are full length drapes that can be pulled for privacy.
Here are Sheila and Carolyn, two of my BFFs as we walked around the grounds on Friday evening enjoying being in nature. It was a great time for talking.The beds we *bunked in* on Friday night. It was a bit of a challenge to make those beds. You can tell that they are oversized in height - lots of head room for the person on bottom. That is the first time I had slept on a bunk bed in a long time. I was glad to see the railing around the top. This is the view that greeted up Saturday morning when Carolyn opened the drapes in the bedroom . We lazily lay in bed injoying watching the ducks swim by, a turtle blowing bubbles as it fed and the squirrils play among the trees and on the grounds.

The young girls Saturday morning. These were the only two young mothers that spent the night. We really enjoyed them. They offered a whole different perspective to things. Two very fine, fun-loving, Christian women. And Saturday early afternoon was time to say good-bye, climb back in our cars and leave. I think everyone had had *their cup filled* and *a closer walk with God*. It was a truly uplifing experience that I hope we can do again.

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