Monday, December 8, 2008

To Do and Soon plus Unconscious Mutterings

I have a deadline for things that must be done in the next few days (before December 19). I know that sounds like lots of days, but for me it is just a couple of blinks. Especially since I've known about most of these things for several days, weeks, and for a couple even months.

1. Clean the house. Yep, it must be cleaned and soon. I'm having a small Christmas gathering here in my home on the 15th. I know people aren't going to give the place a *white glove* inspection, but still the crud needs to be wiped off the counters, the dirt (we are beyond dust) removed from all flat surfaces, and the floors really should be vacuumed.

2. Put out a few Christmas decorations. See #1. This place really looks bah humbug right now. No tree, no nativity, no poinsettia, no cute Santas sitting around --- very bah humbug. Who hosts a Christmas party with NO Christmas decorations?????

3. Wrap presents I've gotten for the kids (yes, you are getting token gifts) and grand kids. That alone would make the place more festive.

4. Do laundry --- probably more than once.

5. Bake some holiday goodies, which I won't be allowed to eat more than a nibble of. I'm thinking like a mouse. Why did I accept that *lose 7 pounds by Christmas* challenge? I must be an idiot. But I've lost 3 pounds already so I can't undo that just yet. I MUST WIN!!!!!

6. Buy four more Christmas presents. They are just little ones for people here in town, but must be bought and given before the 19th.

7. Play handbells at the retirement home with my group, attend the Coastalaires dinner show, and work in the kitchen Wednesday evening at the church. Hey, Robert volunteered us for that and now he is out of town. I'm thinking this isn't fair.

8. Decide what will be taken with us to the panhandle for a week long visit and do laundry so said items can be packed.

See this list has nothing on it that is hard to do and several will be quite enjoyable, but here I sit typing away not getting any of it done. I'm a procrastinator, I work better under pressure, I like the rush I get as a deadline rapidly approaches and that excitement of not knowing if it will all get done.

Yeah, right Lets face it ---- I'm lazy.

The I say :: You think meme. I never know why these thoughts jump into my head. They just appear so I write them down. I'm sure each could be anylized and something none of us really want to know about me could be revealed so let's just not go there.

  1. Love affair :: with chocolate

  2. Bubble :: wrap

  3. Pimple :: boil

  4. Knocks :: pounds

  5. Persistent :: continuous

  6. Infected :: overrun

  7. Yay! :: hooray

  8. Repaint :: restore

  9. Daily :: grind

  10. Quickly! :: Pronto


Momisodes said...

Wow! That is quite a list. I know what you mean about getting more done with more on your plate. I'm the same way :) Hope everything goes swimmingly before Dec. 19th :)

Julie said...

I like your mutterings, especially bubble: wrap. I probably would have said gum...

My list looks almost the same as yours. No, almost all your things to do are also on my list, except for the lose seven by Christmas and packing for the panhandle. And we are not having a party, but my son is coming home from college. And I don't play handbells, I am not working the kitchen at church, and I am not really sure what the Coastalaires are.

Okay, my list is nothing like yours. But mine is longer, since Thor and I decided to rearrange the family today. Wait, no, we decided to rearrange the family room.

I also have to mail presents to my husband's family, since he went out of the country and forgot to do it before he left (he will be home next week, but since stuff is so danged expensive to ship from here, I want to mail it early. Okay, early-ish. Okay. Not completely late...)

And you are right, it is Thor that loves eggnog. I have to buy it as soon as it appears, and try to buy it to last as long as possible after Christmas.

Donna said...

I'm with Thor... egg nog rocks!

See you in a couple of weeks, mom!

Losing Myself said...

I have awarded you the Lemonade Award. Please visit here for details.

Vixen said...

Here I am surrounded by bubble wrap all the time, and I didn't think of that!

Baking sounds like a good idea. I haven't been able to bake for a few years. Now I think I can get back to it!

storyteller said...

It seems like you have lots of things to do but that you're fairly organized about these tasks and that's a good thing.

I enjoyed your mutterings ... especially your responses to 'love affair' ... 'bubble' ... and 'quickly'
My mutterings are here.
Hugs and blessings,