Monday, December 29, 2008

You'll Always Be My Baby

I've been catching up on blog reading and was over at Secret Agent Mama where she had posted a lovely letter to her youngest, her now 2 year old son. Today, one day later than her wee one's birthday, is my baby's birthday.

Amy was a huge surprise to me. I thought I was through having babies when I found out I was pregnant with her. I'm glad I wasn't. She has filled my life with so many happy, exciting and wonderful moments.

We love to tease her. She has always been so trusting and gullible that jokes were easy to pull on her. But though she might storm and rant for a few moments, she also smiled and joined in the fun quickly.

There are many Amy stories to tell. How the puppy English bulldog treed her when she was 5, or how she had her sister order her a Guadalajara (a chalupa made only with guacamole) but hold the guacamole. How when she was in kindergarten she got an F on a paper because she chose to not follow the directions (What's the big deal if the teacher says use red and blue and you use black and orange because that is the school colors?). And scary funny that I heard about -- asking Donna how to drive around a curve while actually driving down the highway approaching a rather dangerous curve at full speed. The list could go on, but each story always end with me loving you more, with me being blessed because you are in my life.
All your successes: hitting a home run in softball, being in the *Olympics of the Mind*, being a cheerleader, being the best welder in shop class, being 2nd runner up in the Miss something, something Fair, running cross country, playing basketball, being annual editor, raising that silly pig, finishing college in 3 1/2 years, getting your teaching degree, and giving birth to two wonderful children. I know I have left many things out, things that were important at the time, things that helped make you who you are today.

Now you are a grown woman, one I am so very proud of. Working as a pre-school teacher with 4 year olds, being Mom to A and B and wife to Dave, being active in your church and having a gift for scrap booking the most simple yet beautiful photo albums. (Don't scoff people, it isn't as easy as it sounds.)
Happy Birthday, Amy. I hope you have a wonderful day. And as you start living year 34 of your life (yes, you just turned 33 which means you are starting on year 34) I hope you can continue to reach the goals you have set for yourself.



Ladykli said...

What a nice tribute to your daughter! Hope she has a wonderful birthday.

I hope you and your family had a nice Chrismtas! And here's to a great New Year for all of us. Kelly

amanew said...

Thank you Moma!

LceeL said...

She's a lovely young woman with a beautiful family. Kinda takes after her Mom, huh?

Julie said...

Very sweet. Sounds like a girl to be very proud of, Patsy. I'm with Lou -- great moms have great daughters!

Momisodes said...

Oh Patsy, you have me in tears. You are such a sweet mother. What a beautiful, touching tribute to your daughter. I love the picture of her and her family. I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

Oh, and I agree. Scrapbooking is NOT easy. I can certainly attest to that with my partially finished albums.

Losing Myself said...

Can I trade daughters with you for just a couple of days? I'd take any of your three... :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh.........what an excellent post!! She is a doll, both yesterday and today! And y'know? I think I would have accepted the 'F' with pride. Doing the school colors would have been my choice too.