Monday, March 9, 2009

100 Word Challenge -- Tragic (And only a little late)

Velvet Verbosity host the 100 Word Challenge each week. This week's topic is tragic. The writings are supposed to be posted by Sunday. I was a wee busy this past week but wanted to post my writing a little late, just for the challenge and late is better than never (Sandy). Below is a fictional account of a one bride's entrance at her wedding. A true tragedy bordering on comedy.

The bride took a deep breath and stepped onto the landing at the exact moment her cat darted in front of her. To keep from stepping on the cat she did a quick side step, catching the heel of her shoe on the plush nap of the carpet causing her to lunge forward. Luckily she was able to grab the banister throwing her leg over as she began her head first slide. Slick satin glided over polished hardwood. Her squeal preceded her into the grand hall where the guest awaited a disheveled bride.

The tragedy of a ruined entrance that would turn to comedy as the years passed.


Ladykli said...

HEY! I think I saw that on "Weddings Gone Wrong" on TV!! jk LOL!!!

Ida said...

What a great mental picture you painted!

Momisodes said...

Oh my! That IS tragic! I would have been mortified. You drew the scene very well in your 100 words.

LOL! I know. I know. I need to post my 100 words when I actually write them :)

Velvet Verbosity said...

Ha! I love it. This is the kind of the moment that seems so horrifying at the time, but then turns into a story told over and over again. Memories are not made of perfection.

Ida said...

Hey Sis, I tagged you on my blog a couple of days ago. Go here: