Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here's to March

When teaching in a regular classroom I always had certain bulletin boards that I put up each year. Ones that just seemed timeless -- and since I had a new group of students each year the bb was new to them even if I had seen it for 5 or 6 years.

One such bulletin board was a monthly calendar -- for the month of March I always put up the little poem *Here's to March
And Good St. Pat
And winds that blow
Both kite and hat.*

A simple little poem that captured the essence of March in the panhandle of Texas. The wind is going to blow at least 20 of the 31 days if not more. Forget flying a kite though. The wind will be blowing 20 to 30 mph not the gentle breeze needed for kite flying. Hats and hair are impossible. Hats don't stay on and hair is always going to look messy.

I've decided this poem would actually be good for the entire state of Texas since moving to the Gulf coast region. We have had so much wind this year. More than I remember in the previous 5 or so years we have lived here, and I've heard the daughter who lives in Fort Worth complaining of wind more this year. I won't even talk about the daughter who is in Amarillo who mentions wind a lot. I'm sure if I had family out west (Midland to El Passo) they would have the same complaints.

Wind, wind, wind. I'm so tired of wind!


Ladykli said...

I remember bulletin boards and having to change them every month. When I taught pre-k my room had a dalmatians theme. If I never see another cartoon dalmatian it will be too soon!

Yes it has been very windy here in Midlothian toom now that you mention it. It doesn't do much for the hair, even my short length can be a mess some days.

Ida said...

I thought I knew what wind was, then I moved to Kansas.

Ladykli said...

I just had to post again. Yesterday afternoon we had some thunderstorms. Jaclyn saw the bottom of our hammock get pushed to the roof of our porched. I ran out to take it down and move the lawn furniture so it wouldn't get knocked down. By the time I went back inside it had died down. This morning Larisa is looking out into our backyard and notices to big sections of our fence had been knocked down. The sections are in direct line of where the hammock was hanging! Talk about windy!!!

LceeL said...

Good, then, that you don't live in Chicago.