Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beautiful Days

This is one of those days. A day when you have to be outside. A day that calls for a cold drink and a good book and the sun. Substitute the computer for the good book in this case.

I'm sitting outside in the sun letting my body sock up as much of the warmth as it wants. I know it is bad for me, that skin cancer is one of the leading cancers, but right now I don't care. (This must be why smokers continue to smoke even when they have watched someone close to them struggle to breath. So I don't need that lecture right now.) I need to enjoy this peace this serenity.

The sounds of a peaceful Sunday afternoon. I lay and listen and watch as the bees swarm in the Mexican heather. Enjoying the warmth of the sun on my back and legs. The coo of a dove reaches my ears. And the chirp and twitter of birds.

In the distance I hear the whirr of some one's lawn mower. Not to close to be disturbing, but a comfort that others are about. Voices drift in and out as people go about chores in their yards. The sound of children playing occasionally can be heard, but nothing disturbs the peace.

I watch as a butterfly flutters across the meadow as I sit and soak up rays on my chest and arms. The warms of the sun piercing to my heart and putting pleasant smile on my lips.

Cars slowly drive by. The usual rushed pace seems to have slowed for the beauty of spring. One solitaire bike rider makes his way around the corner.

A breeze stirs my hair above the visor I wear to protect my eyes from the brightness of the sun refreshing my mind and spirit.

I welcome you, spring, with your promise of summer and heat and busy hectic days. But until then I'll enjoy you.


Ladykli said...

Oh How peaceful you must be feeling. They say a little sun is good for you. I'll bet you feel regenerated for the week ahead. I hope you have a peaceful week.


p.s. I wish our spring weather was our summer weather!

Ida said...

YOu could have put on sunscreen before you went out to enjoy the sun, ya know.

LceeL said...

It's all about moderation and balance. there is a vital vitamin - Vitamin D - which your body manufactures from exposure to the sun. SOME exposure to the sun is absolutely vital to proper health and physical well-being. Just don't BURN. Toasted Patsy is not on the menu. However, warmed up Patsy is probably on HIS menu.

Hootin' Anni said...

One tells us the sun is good for get out [kids too] and enjoy the warmth and the rays...soaking up all kinds of much needed vitamins from them...while another tells us to smear on the sunblock and stay in the shade mostly. Me? I do what I darned well please, and that's to soak up those rays!!! I've known farmers who have worked from sun up to sun down for most of their lives without contracting skin cancer...

Yes, yes...enjoy it for all it's worth.

Momisodes said...

Beautifully captured, Patsy. I just loved this. I felt like I was basking in the sun right alongside you.

So glad the weather is warming up for you there. It's been beautiful, and in the 50's here as well.