Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lunch Date with a Younger Man

I'm having a lovely time here in the windy panhandle of Texas. I got here a little before noon yesterday and got to spend all afternoon with A and B. I took them shopping for a present for a birthday party Abigail was attending later that afternoon. The the three of us had a snack and wrapped the present and waited for the time to pass for the party.

While Abby was at the party Ben and I got to play jungle with toy animals Gran has here at her house. What fun to watch the imagination of a three year old as the tiger and camel are best friends, but don't like the lion and giraffe. But in the end they all came together for the big singing presented by the panda bear.

Then we planned our lunch date for today. As Ben was leaving with his dad, I reminded him of the our *date* and asked him who was going to pay, him or me. He put his finger on his chin and gave it some serious thought then with the biggest grin a three year old can give he stated, "The Daddies." I love that boy!

Today I had that lunch date. Of course we went to McDonald's because according to Mr. B they have the best chicken nuggets. I'm not sure about that, but I do like their "chicken select" so had not problem with he choice of dining places.

After eating (three of the 4 nuggets and about the same number of french fries washed down with half a chocolate milk) he spent a good hour in the playroom with an assortment of other preschoolers there with grandparents and parents. He had a wonderful time and I snapped a few pictures.

We then picked Abigail up from school and headed to Gran and Granddaddy's for a much needed rest.

Tonight we will be having pizza before going back to their house -- Amy and Dave are going to be busy all evening at the preschool where Amy teaches. This is their night to have the *Texas* program. I'm so glad I get to be here and be the grandmother who gets to babysit. It doesn't happen often in my world.


Ladykli said...

aaaawwwww! I remember going to McDonalds back when the girls were little and would eat there! LOL!Ever since Larisa saw the movie Supersize Me in Health class the only fast food she will even step foot in is Chick-a-fil!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit!

Ida said...

Sounds like you are having a grand time.

Momisodes said...

Such special moments. It's times like these that kids treasure so much. So glad you'll have a chance to babysit :)

"The Daddies," too cute!