Thursday, April 23, 2009

But I Was Just Fixin' to Do That

Where does the time go? I was just fixin' to post to my blog. I have ideas to write about. Then I sit down at the computer and check my email. First check for something that looks like it might actually contain information that is truly important -- reminders of things that need tending or news from family or friends. Then I look for through the stories or jokes that have been around or along the same lines as many others -- mostly checking who they are from and giggling because many are from people who know I get them from the same person who sent it to them in the first place. And then I find myself looking to see if anyone has commented on my blog, or something I've posted on FaceBook, and now there is Twitter to think about.

Once I've checked my email, I hop over to FaceBook. I scroll through the status updates of my friends. Maybe take one of the *what kind of _____ are you* quizzes just to see how I'm like or different from those who have taken them before me. Then I go to YoVille -- yes I'm pretty much addicted to YoVille and I must say that I have met some interesting people there. I hang out decorating my house and my apartment. Go to the Widget Factory, collect my money, stop by all my friends places leaving them messages to collect the money then play a few rounds of Rock,Paper,Scissors or Tic-Tac-Toe to collect to coins. Punch click I check out any new items in the stores I might want then I head back to my the home page to see if anyone has posted something new. Maybe play a word game.

I got an invite to Twitter from my great-aunt the other day. So I signed up for Twitter. I drop by there after FaceBook becomes a little boring --- not much happening at Twitter for me though because I really don't know much about Twittering. I only follow 4 people and I think only 3 are following me --- Poor people their lives must be sadder than mine.

Now I switch over to Blog land. There are certain ones of you that I must read and comment to. I do enjoy you and somedays I read the blogs before I do other things. I'm always thinking, "As soon as I finish this or that, I'll type up that blog." Then I look at the clock and it is 10:15 and Robert is headed to bed.

He wouldn't care if I sat at the computer, but I always thought it a good thing for couples to go to bed together. I heard in a movie when I was still a teenager a wife respond to the question "How do you keep your marriage strong?" with the remark that she got up when her husband did and went to bed when he did -- For some reason that just made sense to me and it has been something I've always tried to do.

My really good ideas to write up still aren't written, but it is late so I say
tomorrow. What have I not written about you ask --- Taking all three girls bra shopping, a tribute to my late husband, another mouse story, how shoes and coats can take over a house, stuff like that, and there are pictures and fun things that have happened with the grandchildren and so much more to my life than just a twitter or a status.


Ladykli said...

Isn't it amazing a few checks on the internet can eat away all your time? I looked at twitter once and it didn't really interest me. I have facebook because my daughters do and told me I should have one too. I never heard of yoville but it sounds interesting so I think I better stay away LOL!

Your list of what you have not written about sounds interesting so I hope you'll write about some of them sometime. :)

amanew said...

Really bra shopping!? You really don't have to discuss that topic I don't think people would find it interesting. I would be more willing to have you discuss the unfortunate hair-dos we have all had at some point.

LceeL said...

Oh yeah. You can talk about bra shopping all you like. Naysayers notwithstanding. You just go right ahead.


Momisodes said...

Isn't it amazing how your time online can snowball from just checking email. Reading this post makes me feel better knowing I am not alone in becoming totally distracted with things online.

I hope the bra shopping went well. Even as an adult, it's still a traumatizing experience sometimes :)