Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Had to Get Home

If you have read my 100 Word Challenge -- Situation then you know I have a love for driving fast, and that love has gotten me into several situations that I had rather not have been in -- on the side to of the road showing my license and proof of insurance to an officer. I have paid my share of tickets (and rightfully given) and I have received several warning. My thought is to share three times I got warning. One a day. If I get on a roll I might tell more --- I do have several.

Scenario 1: Driving the family van home from Amarillo to Dumas alone, 10:00pm ish. Hubby was in the hospital to have yet another back surgery, but the doctor had not been in to let us know exactly when it was to be. The girls (approx. 13, 9 and 8) were home alone. I was very stressed because they were home and had expected me earlier, but I had been delayed from when I called them last. I did not have things ready for a sub for the next day at work, and I didn't know what time I needed to be back at the hospital. I was driving on a four lane road and yes, my speed had crept past the legal limit - at least 15 miles above the legal limit. I saw the lights come on behind me.

Me: (Unpleasant thoughts.)

Officer: Ma'am is there a reason for your speeding this evening? I'm going to need to see your license and proof of insurance.

Me: My husband is in the hospital and I'm trying to get home to see about my children.

Officer: Are they with someone?

Me: (I begin to cry.) No, I didn't know I was going to be so late getting home. I called them, and . . . I don't know. My husband is going to have surgery but the doctor didn't come in and I've got to . . .

Officer: Ma'am (He interrupts me) Ma'am how old are your children?

Me: (Still crying. More like sobbing.) They are seven and eight and ... and no eight and nine and the oldest is eleven ... no twelve, no thirteen ..... I don't know how old they are I just need to get home. I've got to call my principal and its late and ....

Officer: (He interrupts me again.) Ma'am I'm just going to step back here for a moment and check this out and then I'm going to let you be on your way. But you have to promise me you'll slow down. Everything is going to be okay. Are you okay? Do you understand?

Me: (A little embarrassed but still sniffling.)Yes, I'm so sorry. Yes,... (He walks away.)

Officer: (Returning to my window.) Ma'am I want you to sign here. This is just a warning. Everything is going to fine I'm sure. Just slow down and get home to those girls safely.

I think the poor man thought that if he gave me a ticket he would also have to call for someone to take that blubbering mess home and he didn't want to have to be the one to sit and wait with me.
And he was right. The girls were fine, Robert called right after I got home to say the surgery wasn't scheduled until 10:00 am. My principal was very understand and had actually already lined up an experienced sub so I didn't have to make detailed plans. Everything worked out.


Hootin' Anni said...

I've always been told that I have lead in my foot. I gotta tell you one time I was so P O'd and some
foreign out-of-state driver creeping along the freeway. I couldn't pass him 'cause it was rush hour traffic. Then when I got north of Denver heading I said, I was so ticked off, I passed him just so I could flip him the bird...and missed my exit at Northglenn....well, needless to say, I just kept the pedal to the metal and ended up 90+MPH on a 55 speed zone...nearly all the way to the Wyoming border before I cooled down. Now the saying goes for decades that Anni [when I get ticked off] is heading to Cheyenne.

Thanks for visiting me yesterday. Hope your Sunday was pleasant.

Momisodes said...

You poor thing! My heart broke for you just reading about everything that was going on. I'm glad he only gave you a warning.