Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saved by a Smart Mouthed Child

Sometimes when I managed to get out of a ticket on the side of the road I wasn't alone and actually the ones with me could be credited with actually having the comment that saved Dear Mom from a ticket. Such was this time.

Senerio #3: The side of the road between Boys' Ranch and Dalhart one Saturday night after being in Amarillo with the girls and Robert all day. Lights flash.

Officer: Evening folks. Where are you headed?

Me: (nervous laugh) Home. Long day.

Officer: Ma'am I need to see your license and proof of insurance. You do realize you were going over the posted limit? (At this point he talks with his partner who had walked up on passenger side of the car.) Also ma'am did you realize you license tag has expired?

Me: (astonished) What? (Whipping around to look at the girls in the back seat. Highway parolman now totally forgotten.) Carrie I told you to put the sticker on the plate. Why didn't you do it?

Carrie: Yea, Mom, blame the kid.

Robert: Where is the sticker?

Me: In the glove box is where I put it. Carrie is it still there?

(Robert looks in the glove box, retrieves the sticker and exits the car.)

Officer: (stifling a smile or was that a laugh) Ma'am I'm just going to step back to my car. Wait here.

Officer: (back at my window) Ma'am I need you to slow down for the rest of your trip to keep this family safe. This is just a warning, please sign and slow down.

Our family was evidently highly amusing to this patrolman or this was the first time he had seen anything quite like the display of Mom, smart mouthed child and calm Dad.


Ladykli said...

hee-hee yeah blame it on the kids!

Back in the collge days my girlfriend got out of a ticket by flashing her big dimples and demurly saying "What's a registration?" Back in Michigan you had to show a piece of paper for registration. I found it in her glovebox and handed it to her rolling my eyes!

The bummer thing is about 15 minutes later I had my head out the window puking my guts out. We had be out drinking, and she wouldn't pullover until she got to our other friend's dorm. She stopped right in front of a spotlight for all to see me in all my glory! Some friend! LOL

LceeL said...

Darlin'! You live in TEXAS. You aren't supposed to do that kind of thing. They put people in the pokey down there and they're never seen again.