Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Joys of a Pedicure

I'm joining back in with the folks over at Heads or Tails. Since this is my first time back in several months I was fortunate to find Edge as the *side* selected with the toss of the coin. With Edge the writer can go back and select any theme they might have missed or one the just want to revisit. Perfect for me. I scrolled through the list of things I had missed and happened upon this from January 20, 2009

Feet *OR* Feat

Now in January my feet are usually tucked inside closed toed shoes or boots to be protected from the cooler weather. I would say cold weather, but since I'm here on the coast I'll opt for the word cooler because so many of you experience temperatures much below what I experience. A story posted about feet in January would have had to have included something about different styles of boots to keep your feet toasty and probably the different kinds of socks available to not only keep your feet warm, but to whisk away the moisture that can build up and then cause more problems for feet.

But here it is spring. The time when the toes are coming out of hiding, the time when shoes are less about service and more about style. Where less is more. But before those feet can be shown in public they really should be spruced up just a bit. That is why I went today and had that all important pedicure.

Ahhh, that wonderful time when your feet are soaked, scrubbed, massaged and pampered by an expert. Yes, there is a certain amount of tickle involved for those of us with sensitive feet. An involuntary jerking away when certain parts of the foot are rubbed, but it only caused the technician to smile and me more determined to have power over my feet.

The end results are always worth it. Smooth heels, calluses all diminished and pretty, perky color of the nails. Yes, the pedicure --- the feet's best friend.


Ladykli said...

Lucky! Your feet look very happy! ;-D Love the color!

LceeL said...

I can understand your joy at foot care by a third party. I just a massage recently and the girl did my feet - I was in heaven.