Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Addition Is Now With Us

I picked Heidi up yesterday afternoon from the breeder, my friend Anita. My what chaos that puppy was used to. Five adults and eight puppies climbing over each other and playing. Anita seemed perfectly at ease as the we walked in and was greeted by all this. She opened the sliding glass door into the back yard and said,"Big dogs out, little dogs stay." The were was confussion as the big dogs went out and the puppies were trying to decide what to do. Some went out (I guess they thought they were big) and some stayed in. After a few more seconds they were all sorted.

Anita scooped up Heidi and handed her to me as she scooped up a couple of other pups sweet talking to them while all the time giving me instrustions about my little miss. And telling me how this dog and that dog acted.

I then signed a couple of papers for her. Wrote a check, wrapped Heidi in her snuggle blanket -- a gift from Anita to all her pups as they leave and headed out the door.

Heidi was secured in her carrier which we call her den and away I came. I was serenaded by a whining, crying puppy nearly all the way home -- a 30 minute drive.

It was a rough start for us --- We both had a long night and I'm a little concerned because she isn't eating or drinking like I think she should and right now she is just curled up sleeping but shivering. Is that normal puppy? Should I be concerned? Oh, so much to learn and that darn book doesn't answer these questions. I think we'll be fine, but this is much like bringing a baby home from the hospital. No matter how prepared you think you are ----- YOU AREN'T.


JoGrandmama said...

I'm sure you're both doing just fine! And yes the shaking is normal. You both will survive. It IS like bringing a "baby" home--she is a baby. And don't worry about the eating and drinking. She'll eat when she's hungry and I'm sure she's drinking some. After all she is very very small and this is all new to her, too. Just give her all the love you have. She'll bond to you very quickly. She is just so precious. I remember bringing Daisy home just like it was yesterday, and she has "survived" for 5 years, now. :)

Ladykli said...

I agree with everything JoGrandmama said - nothing to add. Except she is the cutest little thing!!!!

Like they say (whoever "they" are LOL!) This too shall pass!

Ida said...

She is such a cutie. She will be fine. She is used to having a lot of other little bodies to snuggle up to, you know. It won't take long before she has taken over your house. You will enjoy her, I know. My new baby, Ivy, will come home with us on the 7th. So will Shane. I don't which one will be harder to get used to. ;)

Hootin' Anni said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWI'm sure she'll be alright tho Patsy. She's missing her littermates. Make sure you cuddle, and love her. Pet her gently, talk to her...make a special little blanky area for her and she'll soon LOVE you to pieces.

I ♥ Heidi.

Momisodes said...

Oh she is adorable. We had similar issues with my first dog. He acted the same way after leaving his buddies and adjusting to our home. I remember the first week had several sleepless nights, and many floor clean-ups!

Hope she starts to settle in with you all very soon.