Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life Is Full of Adjustments

I knew when we decided to get a dog (okay truth when I decided I wanted a dog and Robert consented) our life would be different. Then before this sweet puppy could join us POW Robert is terminated from his job.

Yep, life is full of adjustments.

We are adjusting to having a wee one to look after, worry about, fret over and play with. She seems to consume a lot of time and energy even when she is sleeping, which she does a lot of except at night when we want her to be sleeping.

After the first night of literally getting very little sleep because we put her in the kennel/carrier/crate/room/den/home/bed that we got her right there in our room. She whined, cried, whimpered, and begged to get out all night. The next night Robert insisted she sleep with us. Wonderful idea. No whining, crying, whimpering or begging. Only problem, Robert slept because puppy was up against me all night. Pushing and sighing. Then I had the best idea ever -- put her in the guest bathroom. Small, nothing she can hurt (except maybe the back of the door), tile floors -- yes, a perfect solution.

The first night in the bathroom she cried and whined quite a bit, but being across the house from us and behind two closed doors the whining and crying didn't seem so loud nor did it last as long. The next night we decided we still want her to think of the kennel as her place to sleep so we put it in there and I sat with her until I thought she was asleep. Oops she wasn't, then I decided to leave the door open so she could come and go as she wants. That seems to have worked. She only seems to be crying now when she needs to go out.

We have had to make several adjustments as to what we are doing, and I'm sure we have several more that we will have to make before Heidi reaches adult dog. And even though I have a book to help with things, there is no teacher like experience.

Starting tomorrow we make another adjustment in our life. Robert doesn't get up and go to work. It will seem strange. We have decided to look on the next few weeks as a vacation. Time for him to relax and refresh. He should hear something about the job at a local bank before the end of June. If that doesn't work out then we'll adjust our hopes and expectations and decide what path we will follow.

Thing is we'll just keep adjusting because life is full of adjustments.


Ladykli said...

Good Luck to Robert! Yes, life is full of adjustments and you just have to roll with the punches. Sometimes though it's hard.

Sounds like things with Heidi are coming along well. It's amazing how puppies are like babies, in a way!

Ida said...

That what life is. Adjustments.
Good luck to Robert on the job.

Hootin' Anni said...

You got that right....adjustments, life IS full of 'em. But that is what sustains us sometimes...otherwise, we're in such a rut, it'll get boring.

Hope the June Job Offer pans out. You're in my thoughts.

And Heidi? She's still a doll, no matter. I wanna hug her and cuddle with her. You know you have a place to drop her off if you get too upset with her. [kidding!]

Momisodes said...

Life really does throw out some curve balls from time to time. I am so sorry to hear about Robert's job. It sounds like you are taking it stride and with a positive attitude. I'm crossing my fingers he hears good news from the bank soon.