Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A is for Apple or Abigail

Heads or Tails the Tuesday meme (it is still Tuesday isn't it?) has the theme of *A* today, and because it is heads the writer can post anything about *A* that catches their fancy. *A* may be for apple, but the apple of my eye is my granddaughter Abigail. Also known as Abby, Abs or Miss A.

This little girl captured my heart a six and a half years ago.

Meet Abigail Marie just a few moments after she was born. She was the first child I had actually watch be born. (My girls were each born when mom's was half out of it and presented to the mother in a state of near clean.) I found the whole process of birth and her fascinating.

This is Abby one year later on her first birthday. By then we were pals. She knew I was hers. She was happiest when I was sitting in the floor with her and she had my undivided attention. Yes, I indulged her every whim whenever I got the chance and today I indulge as many as possible.
This is Miss A as you might find her today. Riding bikes and being all of six. Ready to graduate from kindergarten. She is in the top of her class, an eager learner and a ready reader. She still likes for me to play with her and we spend time with books, at the park where she wants to swing higher and higher, or doing girly things like her giving me a make over or doing our nails. Tom boy and princess rolled into one.


Ladykli said...

I give this post an A+! She is a cutie pie! I wish we lived closer to grandparents. It's hard to imagine being a grandma but I have time!!!

Ladykli said...

I just noticed your list of previous posts. Has Heidi moved in yet?

Hootin' Anni said...

....and a definite princess of a tom boy I might add. She's beautiful.

Loved this post.

Momisodes said...

She is beautiful! I loved the progression of photos.