Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hidy Ho, Neighbor or Just Heidi

Meet Heidi a full blood miniture dachshund. She is my soon to be new puppy. The runt of the litter and the only one with the pie-bald marking (white) and the ticking (small black spots on the white). I picked her because I thought she was the cutest, and even very early seemed to have more personality than her larger syblings. I have met her twice and she is a sweety.

I'll be getting her the end of May. Yes, she will be one spoiled puppy.


Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, dang, but she's the cutest. I never knew that dachshunds were bred to have these beagle like markings. I want one!!!!!!

And Heidi, a fabulous name.

Ladykli said...

aaaawwww Patsy!!!!She is adorable! I just want to scoop her up and love on her!!

I like the name too. I have a very dear friend name Heidi!

LceeL said...

#2 Son, the married one, and his wife have two Dachshunds - one is 5 years old and colored like your little girl, and another, younger one that's more traditionally colored. The younger guy (Jackson, is his name) is a little taller than Ozzie (the older one), but neither one of them are aware that they are Dachshunds. I had no idea that Dachshunds could jump that high. I am always so afraid they're going to hurt themselves when I see them - because as soon as I sit down, they take a running leap at the couch, and me, jump all over me, licking and stuff, and then, in their excitement, they'll jump off the couch, run around like maniacs for a minute or so and then take another run at me. This goes on for quite some time, then Ozzie runs out of gas (he's a bit heftier than Jackson) and goes off by himself for a while. And yes, the dogs are named for Ozzie Osbourne and Jackson Brown.

Hootin' Anni [again] said...

You're being talked about, Heidi!!! I just had to come back and show Bud your cuteness.

PS...Bud also told me that fire ants LOVE termites. So your assumption must be right on.

Ida said...

She is a cutie for sure. Dachshunds are great little dogs. If I ever have another dog, that is what I'd get. But right now, its cats.