Monday, April 27, 2009

An Unusual Emergency

Before he joined the narc unit and then retired my brother-in-law was a highway patrolman. He once told me that if you can ever give a hi-po an original reason for speeding you wouldn't get a ticket. I never tried to come with anything original, I just told the truth, but I did leave a few patrol men chuckling and a warning in my hand more than once.

Scenario #2. We lived in Texline, a small rural community in the northwest corner of Texas. The closest *big* town with a decent size grocery store was thirty miles away. One day after work I was headed there to buy groceries and get home before tip off time of the basketball game. Lights flash and I pull over.

Officer: (a short round man) Ma'am I need to see your license and proof of insurance. (Pause as I gather things and hand them to him.) Is there an emergency that warrants your speeding?

Me: Well, I don't know about you but my family considers it an emergency. You see I'm on the way to buy groceries because there is no food in the house and they think I should fix supper tonight.

Officer: Well, I can understand that. I'll be right back.

(He walks away and returns grinning a few minutes later.)

Officer: Ma'am I'm just going to give you a warning this time. Sign here and slow down a bit so you can get those groceries and get home safely.

Me: Yes sir, and thank you.

I guess to the short round cop buying groceries was either an emergency or I had given him something new to discuss when the other highway patrolmen because according to the B-I-L they do discuss such things.


Momisodes said...

I hope you don't mind, but I may have to borrow that one for later use.

Just in case :)

I hope no one else in Massachusetts used that one with the hi-po yet!

Ladykli said...

I find it amazing that you can even remember what the hi-po looked like! I've only been pulled over once for speeding and all I remember was that he was wearing sunglasses! LOL!

LceeL said...

The idea is not to get caught in the first place. You need to wear your "I can see cop people" glasses when you drive.