Monday, December 17, 2007

I Was Right Nan-Ah-Nan-Ah-Boo-Boo

Last night after church, the gang went to Victoria's Mexican Restaurant -- our hang out. Of course the lady from the scrabble game, was there. Everyone was chatting away about the Christmas program, plans for Christmas, what we were getting each other for Christmas etc. Everyone volunteered to let me come use my Christmas gift at their house --- just to be sure it worked right --- Then at one point this lady, I'll call her Mary because that is her name --- told me that she had gone online when she got home and the word quizzes had come up in an email she had gotten. Since it had two Zs in it the way it was spelled she looked it up and sure enough it was supposed to have two Zs. To this I had just replied I know. Then she said, "Who knew?" Well, I could pass it up I replied, "I knew (and gave the complete rule about doubling the consonant when there is a single vowel followed by a single consonant in an accented syllable before adding a suffix beginning in a vowel) and I challenged you, but you were so adamant and I didn't feel that a scene was necessary."
Mary said, "Well, I got the 76 points. You should have made a scene." You can bet next time I will --- tell me I should make a scene. I had to swollow my tongue to keep from making a scene then. But I just smiled and said again, "I knew ."
Not sure she gave me an apology and not sure I accepted it, but I'm glad she knows how to spell quizzes now. :)

Ben at two months watching football with Grandpa November 2005.

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Carrie said...

Well, at least now she knows you were right. :)