Friday, December 7, 2007

Tomorrow We Party

Tomorrow evening a group of eight or so women are gathering at my house for a Christmas party. I'm not really hosting the party, just providing a place to have the party. Does that make me the host??? I didn't send out the invites, or receive the rsvp's and I'm not making any of the food. Although I toyed with the idea of making a brownie tort. I have though cleaned the house and with the help of Donna before she left at Thanksgiving, put out the Christmas decorations.
I'm very nervous about this. I don't know what anyone is expecting and although my house is new and really pretty well arranged for having company I don't really have anything special --- just my stuff. Hopefully that is enough.

Does this all sound very insecure and childish? I think of Carrie and her saying it was like being asked to sit at the popular kids table at school --- do we ever get over that? When Carolyn asked me if we could have the party here I was wowed -- I couldn't believe she wanted it to be at my house -- I've tried to stay low key about it, but now at 12:00 am I'm wondering if I put out enough stuff -- I know I need a better table cloth Walmart is open 24/7, we'll probably be sitting at the dining table -- but then again, maybe not. See I'm just all a tither and ---

When Carolyn told me there would be only 8 attending (including me) I was very excited --- we can use my Christmas dishes --- much better in my world of fantasy than paper --- Ice, I have ice and I'll make tea (this is a church group, so no alcohol will be served) just before they arrive. I think it is all done for the moment. Good night!

Christmas morning 2004 30 miles north of the Gulf Coast. We had about a foot of snow that morning. It was the first measureable snow on the coast in about 25 years. A very special time.


The Byrd said...

I don't think we ever get rid of the "popular kids table" mentality. It's nice to be included in things. It sounds like it's going to be a lovely time. Let us know how it went!

Patsy said...

It was a great evening. There were 8 women counting me and we had a wonderful time just visiting and telling stories. The food was good--the candles in the fireplace gave a great warm glow on a foggy 73 degree evening and everyone seemed to enjoy the time together. I did a lot of stressing for nothing --- those here were all friends who would never say anything but the right thing. I'll definately invite them all back. :)