Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Shopping

I went Christmas shopping by myself today. It was nice to be able to spend as much time as I wanted wandering in the stores -- picking out things, putting them back, changing my mind and getting the first thing again just to leave without buying anything and not having to explain to anyone why. Robert usually goes with me to Christmas shop, but this year we just seem to wandering in different directions all the time.

Everyone in the stores still seem to be in a good mood. I did notice that there were more check out lines open in all the stores I was in except for Hobby Lobby. I've about decided not to go in there any more --- at least not in Lake Jackson. There are never enough check out people and the ones they do have are slower than well, slower than Christmas :)

I enjoyed listening to a jazz station on the radio, too without having to explain why I was listening to jazz. They were playing Christmas music --- Christmas Jazz is really pretty sweet music. Fun to drive to with the top down on the 'tang. I really need to get a new driving hat though. The funky summer bonnet just doesn't do much now that it is winter (like 73 degrees is winter)

I'm thinking Carrie's idea of a random picture each post is a good idea. This was taken the fourth of July weekend in 2004 at Matagorda Beach. From left to right are me, Carrie, Amy with Abby, and Donna. We had such fun that weekend even if the air conditioner did go out downstairs.


The Byrd said...

I miss the Hobby Lobby!

I love that you are driving with the top down..

BUT with your bonnet..

because it IS winter after all!!!

Carrie said...

Well, I would have picked a different picture to start with. :)

Glad you had a nice day out shopping. Everyone does still seem cheery. Here's hoping the spirit of the season doesn't give out too soon.

Patsy said...

A random picture is a random picture. And since it had nothing to do with Christmas I felt like it was a very good one for random.

Donna said...

Gee, we're PALE!!